Transfer Admissions

Transfer applicants are:

Students who have attended a post-secondary institution after high school graduation/GED completion who have earned 12 or more college-level credits and wish to earn a degree at Kutztown University.  If you are not seeking a degree from KU and are only interested in taking single courses, please see Other Admissions Options to see which option best suits your needs.

  • Click here for advice from Lexi, a current KU student who went through the transfer process!

    Lexi Swavely

    Hometown: Kempton, PA

    Sport Management Major

    Why did you choose KU?
    I went to Kutztown Area Senior High School, so I was always drawn to the beauty of the campus itself.  When my mother started working at KU, I was always on campus and I loved the sense of community and that “home” feeling it gave me. 

    What was the transfer process like when you applied?
    It was very simple!  I applied as a transfer student, and within a couple of days, I got my acceptance letter.  The only thing that I was responsible for was getting my transcripts transferred which was a very easy process as well.

    What advice would you give to future transfer students to help them feel connected to campus?
    Honestly, all I did was I reached out to jobs on campus, and it gave me a list of jobs that I could pick from to get involved with some people and friends while making money. What also helped me was getting involved with groups and clubs.  I was really into group chats from my different classes. This helped a lot because we would get together and have study groups.

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