Career Assessments

Career Assessments help you to discover/verify your skills, abilities, interests and values, and more clearly identify and target both majors and careers that complement your unique personality traits.

  • Journey Career Assessment *counts toward Exploration Certificate

    This career assessment will help you explore majors and careers based on your interests to increase the likelihood of satisfaction and career happiness. The system's reliable tools and resources can help you effectively plan for your education, prepare for life after graduation and make a smooth transition to the workplace.

    Journey Assessment Instructions:

    Go to: Journey Career Assessment
    select“I need to create an account.”
    Select “I am a college student.”
    Select your grade level & graduation year

    Your Activation Code is:  J3825742ANJ

    After completing the assessment, you are encouraged to make a career coaching appointment. Please reach out to us:

  • Career Key

    Explore career and education options that best match your personality. Learn more about your personality and identify your strongest personality types. Get personalized advice about next steps. Pick up a copy in the Career Development Center.

  • StrengthsFinder (our staff will determine if this is right for you)

    StrengthsFinder shows you how to use your strengths to improve your academics, discover a major and career path that builds off of your strengths, and learn to use your strengths to excel. Completing the assessment will provide you with a list of your "top five" signature themes, which can help you enhance the behaviors that lead to success. You will be able to focus on your strengths and understand and apply them to create academic, career and personal goals. * Who can take this assessment is determined by our staff