Major Exploration

Resources for Exploring Major

KU Department Websites-  Access to all KU academic departments, descriptions of academic majors and minors, and curriculum checksheets. 

KU Major Discovery SeriesA series in which you can explore KU majors and related career opportunities.

What Can I do With "this" Major Series

  • Get Experience!

    • KU Student Organizations- Getting involved in campus organizations may help you meet and interact with students & faculty with interests similar to your own and may also help you identify an appropriate major. 

    • Volunteer Work is a service opportunity which may help you to further develop your leadership and interpersonal skills while cultivating your understanding of citizenship and community.  Volunteer experiences are available in a wide variety of organizations.  If you are interested in teaching, look for opportunities with children; if you are interested in writing, look for opportunities to write or edit.  Visit the KU Community Outreach Center in the MSU for local opportunities or, IdealistUnited Way of Berks County or The Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley for regional and national opportunities. 

    • Summer/ Part-Time Employment allows you to develop marketable skills, gain experience and make new contacts.  Look for opportunities that allow you to apply knowledge and skills related to your career goal.  All employment, even jobs that are not directly related to your major, can help you develop communication, leadership and organizational skills needed in the workplace.  For on-campus jobs visit Handshake. For part-time/summer work visit

    • Studying Abroad allows you to learn while you experience a new culture. KU's Office of International Education and Global Engagement will guide you through the process.