Energy Services and Utilities

  • Services we Provide
    • Underground Utility Locating, Maintenance, and Renovation
    • Energy and Utility Monitoring and Reporting
    • Utility Bill Budget Tracking and Auxiliary Chargebacks
    • Building Automation Systems Management
  • Our Staff
    • Energy Engineer
    • Utility Plant Operators
    • Building Automation Control Specialist
    • Temperature Controls Specialist

Energy Services and Utilities is responsible for all major utility systems that enable the campus buildings to operate properly to support the educational environment. These utility systems include steam, electric, water, gas, sewer, and storm water. This unit also oversees campus building automation systems and controls that support central lighting and heating/cooling systems.

The Campus Central Steam Plant 

The plant is responsible for the generation and distribution of steam to support the heating and hot water needs for the campus. 

Underground Utilities 

Managing the safe operation of underground utilities is a responsibility of the Energy Services and Utilities unit.

PA law requires contractors performing excavation, and tent installers, to register the project directly through the PA 1 Call organization at (610) 532-4126. Energy Services and Utilities will respond to PA1 Call requests to mark underground utilities on campus to prevent damage or harm to people or systems.

Additional details about this program can be obtained by contacting the Work Control Center at x31594 or

Energy Management

Energy Services monitors campus utility use and ensures responsible programs are in place to track, analyze, and proactively identify opportunities for responsible energy consumption and reduction.