Facilities Project Services

  • Our Staff
    • Project Managers
    • University Architect
    • Construction Managers
    • Contract Administrators
    • Contracted Engineers, Consultants, and Specialists

Project Services provides full service and cost-effective project management services for the following project types:

  • Capital construction
  • Renovation
  • Alterations
  • Campus facilities and infrastructure improvements
  • Life cycle and maintenance upgrades

The following types of work should be submitted using a Project Request Form:

  • Renovation

The total or partial upgrading of an existing facility or facility system to higher standards of quality or efficiency

  • Alteration

The changing of the internal arrangement or other physical characteristics of an existing facility or space so that it may be effectively used for its new designated purpose

  • Improvement

The addition of quality features to existing space by up-grading mechanical or electrical systems or architectural finishes

  • Equipment Installation

The installation of equipment required by an academic or departmental program and not necessary for proper operation of the physical facility itself


We have created an estimating process for our customers to provide this information. Please contact the Work Control Center for assistance with this process.


Large moves (whole departments, whole buildings, or specialty equipment) might require contracted move services. For questions regarding moves, contact the Work Control Center at x31594.

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