Losing The ID Card

No matter how careful you are, you may lose your card. Here's what to do:

Suspend It

First and foremost, suspend your card. Do it online, or contact our office so we can suspend it for you.

If you suspend your card online and find it later, then you can reinstate it online in the same way. If you suspend it through our office, you must bring your found card into our office during regular business hours to have it reinstated. This is for your safety, to make sure that the person reinstating the card is the true owner of the card.

Check Our Lost and Found

When people find cards, they usually send them to us, or at least notify us that they've been found. When we hear of a found card, we check to see if the owner has already gotten a new card. If not, we email the cardholder at their KU email address to let them know that their card has been found. We maintain a lost and found in our office, so stop by and ask our front desk personnel if yours is here.

Some cards are turned in to Public Safety or to other offices in other buildings. In those cases, the cards are usually sent to us in campus mail, which can take a day or two after the cards were found. It's not unusual for someone to stop at our office to check for a lost ID only to have it show up the very next day or even hour. If the cardholder has not replaced the card, we still email them and ask them to come in to pick up the found ID.

Replace it

You've looked everywhere, and it's just not anywhere. When that happens, just stop by our office to get a replacement. If you need a replacement card outside of our business hours, Public Safety (on the ground floor of Old Main, in the rear of the building) can make a new card for you, but they can't take a new picture.

ID cards that are worn, photo is not visible, scratched, altered in any way or from normal wear and tear, they must be replaced. 

Regardless of what situation you replace your card, the cost is $15, which is added to your Office of Student Accounts bill and payable in MyKU. We do not take payment for IDs in our office or at Public Safety.

Damaged Cards
An ID card can incur scratches as well as general wear and tear from usage.  When the card cannot be used due to these circumstances, you must get a replacement ID card.  The replacement ID card fee is $15.00 which is uploaded to your MyKU account.  You can pay for the replacement ID online via your MyKU account or by cash or check in the Office of Student Accounts.

If your card is used by someone else

No matter how tempting it is to ask your roommate to go get your breakfast for you, it's simply not allowed. Your KU ID card is usable only by you. Cashiers have the power to confiscate a card that is presented by anyone but its owner.

If you suspect fraudulent use of your card, suspend it immediately, even if you haven't lost it. For each transaction that isn't yours, go to the merchant where it took place and ask for a copy of the receipt. Bring the receipt to the KU Card Office with another valid receipt that you've signed, if you have one. If we verify that the signatures don't match, we'll refund your Bear Bucks and the merchant won't get paid for that transaction.

It's up to you to press charges against the perpetrator of the fraud.