For Faculty/Staff

*New faculty and staff may now submit their professional photo for their ID card. Please email it to us at Please refer to the page "New Students - Online Photo Submission" for photo submission guidelines.

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The KU card isn't just a photo ID. It's the key to campus life; from opening your door to buying you lunch.

Uses of the card:

  • It may be the key to your office, or to the closet in your classroom.
  • It's your key to the Rec Center and Keystone Pool for that noon-hour workout.
  • Found the perfect KU gift or that book you've been looking for? Pay for it with Bear Bucks at the KU Bookstore or Dixon Marketplace.
  • With Bear Bucks, you can buy lunch at the dining halls even if you left your wallet at home.
  • Feel like something different today? Try one of our off-campus merchants for pizza, Chinese, or a burger.

Below is a complete list of everything your KU ID card can do for you:


Most academic buildings and all residence halls are, or soon will be, accessible with a card swipe on the exterior doors. This is for the protection of our employees and students, allowing Public Safety to lock down buildings if necessary.

Door privileges are determined by each area's authorizing official. If you need to be able to open a card-controlled door, that's the person to talk to first.

If your card doesn't work in a door, these are the steps to follow:

  1. See your area's Authorizing Official to make sure you have the privileges you need.
  2. If your privileges are in order, stop by the KU Card Office to make sure your card is in good health.
  3. If your card is fine but still doesn't work in the door, call the Facilities Work Control center at 610-683-1594. They can help troubleshoot the problem from there.
  4. If your card has been re-encoded by the KU Card Office but still doesn't work, we will issue a new card.

If you replace your card due to loss or theft (and therefore have a new card number), be sure to check with your area's Authorizing Official to make sure your new card will work to open your doors.

Rohrbach Library (more info)

While you don't need your KU ID card to gain access to the library, you do need it to borrow items. Your card is not activated as a library card until you visit the Circulation Desk and have them swipe it.

Recreation Center and Keystone Pool (more info)

While the Rec Center requires a membership fee, Keystone Pool is open to all KU faculty and staff without a fee.

Just swipe your card at either location for entry. The Rec Center has turnstiles at the entrance, while Keystone Pool has lifeguards on duty who will swipe your card for you. You can then pick up your card when you leave the pool and go back to the locker room.

The Rec Center also sells equipment and locker rentals at the front desk, where you can pay with Bear Bucks.

Admission to athletic events

Swipe your KU ID card for a free ticket to sporting events.

Bear Bucks

It's not just for students. Bear Bucks is accepted at many on-campus and off-campus locations.  You can now make a deposit into your Bear Bucks account by cash or check in the KU Card Office, room 107 AF. Check the "Bear Bucks" page for exactly where it is accepted!