Campus Event Planning

Is your organization planning an event? Here is some information to help!

1 - Make sure you have your space reserved. Verify that your room request has been CONFIRMED. Just submitting a request is not a guarantee. Check EMS or contact Conference Services to verify confirmation.

2 - Determine if tickets should be distrubuted for your event through the campus ticketing system:
   • When your organization or group is planning on charging admission to an event held
on campus the ticketing system MUST be used.
   • When your event is held in a location where you expect interest to be greater than the capacity the ticketing system should be utilized to ensure that the capacity of the location is
not exceeded even if the event is free.
   • Events that require limited access or a set number of attendees to the event should
utilize the on campus ticketing system.

3 - If you plan to distribute tickets, you must submit the Event Sales Request Form at least 2 weeks before you would like sales to start. Make sure you review the ticket pricing and fee policies below before setting pricing.

Ticketing Policies and Fees

Ticket money collected online is received around the 20th of the month following sales. So any sales collected September 1 - September 30 will be recieved October 20th and sent to your KUSSI or University account.

Due to recent legislation, all ticket prices must be advertised as "all in." This means that fees need to be included in the advertised price. If you plan on offering tickets, please note the fee that needs to be added to your ticket price for advertising.

What are the fees for?  - The fee covers the cost of credit card processing, ticketing system costs and labor for event set-up and/or sales and other administrative costs. This allows your group to keep your full ticket price without deductions for costs.

When advertising ticket prices, please note these fees will be added.

Ticket prices Added Fee per ticket
up to $10 $1
$11 to $30 $2
$31 to $50 $3
$51 to $80 $4
$81 to $100 $5

Free tickets do not have any fees.