Laundry Services

On-campus laundry services are managed by the KUSSI Student Service Center and include high-efficiency front-load washing machines and dryers, as well as folding tables, utility sinks, and change machines.

Laundry facilities are located in:

  • Every Residence Hall
  • Golden Bear Village South, Buildings #10 and #80
  • Commuter Laundry, in Old Main across from the Health and Wellness Center, available to all students on and off-campus. All dorms with laundry utilize the Clean Cash App.

Pricing for laundry:
$1.50 per wash
$1.75 per dry

To report damaged laundry, or if you have any questions or concerns, please complete the form below, or contact the KUSSI Service Center at 610-683-4090.

Refunds for money lost in the laundry are available in the KUSSI Service Center, located in Room 171 of the McFarland Student Union Building. When requesting a refund, you will be asked to complete a refund request form and to present a KU ID or Driver's License. Change machines only accept $1 and $5 bills. Please do not use larger denominations, as refunds in excess of $5 are subject to verification of funds lost by our vendor. If you have any questions, please contact the KUSSI Service Center at 610-683-4090.