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Cash Boxes for Fundraising

Cash boxes/bags may be requested by any registered student organization to offer a safe and secure location to store starting money for fundraising events.

  • How to request a cash box
    1. A “Cash Box Request Form” must be completed and returned to the KUSSI Service Center, MSU 171, at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the fundraising event.
    2. The “Cash Box Request Form” will require the following information/signatures: organization name, event name/date/time, date requested/date returned, starting currency, currency denomination, signature of requestor, printed name of requestor, telephone number, e-mail address of requestor, treasurer’s signature, and advisor’s signature.
    3. A student organization is permitted to borrow a maximum of $100 (in the denomination that best suits their needs) to be used as starting money for fundraising events.
      The cash box may be picked up and dropped off during normal Service Center business hours (Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm); however if the event is a late-night event, the cash box can be stored at the MSU information desk and retrieved the next morning and brought to the Service Center, by a member of your organization, for deposit.
    4. When the cash box is picked up, the “Cash Box Request Form” will be signed by the person picking up the cash box & starting money. This slip will serve as documentation that money and a cash box was received by the student organization with obligation to return those funds and cash box. The cash boxes will be identified using a cash box number.
    5. When the cash box is dropped off, starting money originally issued will be verified by KUSSI Accounting staff, as being returned and the “received of petty cash” slip will be destroyed.