KU Public Safety & Police Services

The mission of the Kutztown University Department of Public Safety and Police Services is to enrich the living, learning and working experiences of the Kutztown University community. This will be accomplished by protecting life, maintaining order and safeguarding property in partnership with the community it serves.

Interim Chief of Police

Chief of Police

David Drezek

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Kutztown University Public Safety & Police Services website. On behalf of the dedicated and committed officers of KUPD, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization. I am honored to have the privilege of serving the University community and, as the police chief, I invite you to interact with our officers and familiarize yourself with the various programs and services we provide.

Kutztown University Police have primary law enforcement jurisdiction on all areas of our campus regardless of municipality.


All incidents that occur within the Kutztown University campus community are to be reported to the KU Public Safety and Police Services (610-683-4002).  Our law enforcement partners, if contacted, will refer the call for service back to Kutztown University Public Safety.

On behalf of all our staff. We thank you!