Visitation Policy

Visitation Policy

This video is a brief overview of the Visitation Policy. Read more below for further details. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a video on how Non-KU visitors can register as a guest, which can be done prior to coming to campus.

The Residence Life and Housing & Dining Services offices promote a safe environment, which encourages responsible decision making by members of the community. Recognizing student rights and responsibilities, as well as the role of the department in fostering student development, the Visitation Policy of the Residence Life and Housing & Dining Services Office of Kutztown University consists of gradual levels of student responsibility based on class rank, education and individual preferences. Students can have a visitor pass created for their visitor by visiting the front desk of their residence hall. Non-KU visitors must complete the New Visitor Registration form before coming to campus (more details below).

  • Visitation Policy

    Operation of the Visitation Policy includes the following:

    • Each resident student may host up to three visitors at one time.
    • Visitors must sign into the building 24/7.
    • Resident students, as hosts, are responsible for the behavior of their Non-Kutztown University visitors. Kutztown University students are accountable for their own conduct at all times.
    • All visitors (and resident students) must enter and exit the building by way of the main entrance.
    • The host must escort visitors at all times while in the hall.
    • Host students may only have overnight visitors (when permitted) for three overnights per week. The week begins on Monday at 9:00am and ends at 8:59am the next Monday. An overnight is when a visitor is signed in at any time between 12am and 9:00am.
    • Visitors arriving after 11:59p.m. on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening must be pre-registered at the desk by the host informing the hall desk of visitor’s name, type of visitor identification, time of arrival, and length of stay.
    • Residents are responsible for informing visitors that presentation of a valid ID is required at the time of sign-in. Failure to provide ID could result in denial of entrance into the residence hall.

    First-Year Students (first semester of on-campus residency only):

    Upper Class Students (includes second semester freshmen with earned credits) 


    ·         Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight   


    ·         First-Year Students in their first semester can have overnight visitation on Friday and Saturday nights, regardless of their guest's sex or gender identity. 

    ·         Sunday from 9:00 am to Sunday 12:00 midnight  

    *After one semester of on-campus residency, first-year students will follow the upperclassmen visitation assignments. 

    Weekdays and Weekends: 

    ·         24-hour per day, 7 days a week Visitation

    *Host students may only have overnight visitors for three nights during a seven day period.  

  • New Visitor Registration

    Anyone who is not a KU student must complete the New Visitor Registration form prior to coming to campus. The form can be found at the link below:

    In order to complete the form, the visitor must agree to the Kutztown University Visitation Policy which will be displayed after submitting the form. A verification code and link will then be sent to the e-mail address that was provided by the visitor in the form. The visitor should copy the verification code and paste it in the box that appears after clicking the link. The visitor will then be a registered visitor, and a visitor pass can be created for them. Once this process is complete, the visitor will not have to complete it again for future trips to campus. *Current KU students do not have to complete this form.

  • Pre-Registration (except in apartments)

    Visitors arriving after 11:59 PM on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening must have a visitor pass created for them before that time.

The professional staff of the Residence Life and Housing & Dining Services may grant exceptions to certain aspects of the visitation policy; as well as reserves the right to restrict this policy.  

Visitation Policy Terminology

  • Escort

    Visitors must be accompanied by their host when moving about in the residence hall they are visiting.

  • First Year Student

    Any first-time resident student with 30 or less earned credits.

  • Host

    The resident student living in the hall and/or room where the visitation option is being exercised.

  • Identification (ID)

    Formal identification is required. Types of acceptable ID are: validated college ID, valid driver's license, valid ID with name and picture or name and address of presenter/visitor.

  • New Visitor Registration Form

    The online-form every guest that is not a KU student must complete before arriving on-campus. Link to form:

  • Parental (Guardian) Permission Form

    Students who are not of the age of majority must provide parental or legal guardian's approval for visitation rights covered in this policy. This form is no longer needed once a student turns 18.

  • Pre-Registration

    The process by which any student who has a visitor or visitors arriving after 11:59 PM on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening notifies the hall desk of the anticipated arrival of a guest. The information needed to pre-register includes visitor's name, type of ID, anticipated time of arrival, and anticipated length of stay.

  • Sign In

    The process by which host and visitor(s) are recognized as participating in visitation. Resident students, as hosts, are responsible for registering visitors at the hall desk during prescribed hours. Host and visitor report to the hall desk where the host presents their information and the visitor's ID. A digital visitation pass is created by the Desk Receptionist that can only be accessed at the front desk of any hall while they remain in the building in which they sign in. All visitors must check out at the front desk in which they signed into upon leaving.

  • Visitor

    A visitor is anyone who does not live in the room. A visitor to a room can be someone who lives in the hall but not in the room they are visiting.

How to Register as a Guest

This video walks non-KU visitors through how to register as a guest, which can be done prior to arriving. Visitors only need to complete this once prior to their first visit.