Forming an Organization

When you are considering the formation of a new organization on campus there are several questions you should consider:

  • How will the new organization fulfill a need within the campus community?
  • Is there another organization on campus that currently has the same or similar purpose?
  • Can merging with another group better serve our purpose, or the purpose of similar organizations, or the overall student body?
  • Will forming a new organization benefit those who participate in its activities? How? It is important to consider carefully the reasons and methods for starting your new organization because of its potential effects on members and the campus community. Remember, anytime a new group forms, there is an impact within your community.

Starting your own organization and keeping it afloat are noble pursuits. The KU community is home to a diverse collection of student organizations and is always ready to welcome a new addition into the family. Any student organization that develops objectives that are consistent with the mission of the University is eligible for registration as determined by the Office of Student Involvement.

Included in the following information are the requirements for becoming a registered organization on campus. All forms needed for the development of your organization are available on Engage.

Intent to Organize

Any group of students wishing to begin a new student organization must petition the University for official recognition by completing an online form and attending a session for students wishing to start a new organization. Once an online form is completed, and a session is attended, the organization approval can be considered. The online form can be found on ENGAGE at Click "Sign In" on the upper right corner. Click the Organizations. Then, click the "register a new organization" button.

The sessions take place as follows:

Fall Semester: The second Tuesday at 11 a.m. in the months of September, October and November.

Spring: The second Tuesday at 11 a.m. in the months of February, March and April.

An invitation to attend one of these meetings will be sent via email after the online registration request is processed. Organization approval granted until the 5th Friday of the semester will be effective as of the first day of the current semester. Organization approval granted after the 5th Friday of the semester will be effective the first day of the following semester.

Statement of Purpose

One of the items you will be asked to provide is a Statement of Purpose. This brief paragraph should clearly identify the purpose of your organization. Be sure to include the name of your group and a brief explanation of your goals and activities. You will want to include “of Kutztown University” in the title of your organization at the end of the name. In this way your group demonstrates its affiliation with the University and also an understanding of the rights and privileges afforded to it.


We suggest that you find at least ten students who are interested in becoming members of your group so that you have a core group of students who can share in the effort to organize. Furthermore, groups that practice shared leadership experience more opportunities for networking and socializing.


In addition to a Statement of Purpose and members, you will need a full-time staff or faculty member to serve as an advisor. A graduate assistant can serve as co-advisor with a full-time staff or faculty member. Often filling many roles, the advisor assists the organization with meeting its objectives while ensuring that all activities are in compliance with University rules and regulations and local, state, and federal laws. You may want to select a member of the KU community who will take an interest in the activities and business of your organization. You will also want someone who has knowledge regarding the purpose and related goals of your group.


You will be required to attend a session with other students who wish to start a new organization. This meeting will serve as a vehicle for Student Involvement to gain a better understanding of your interest in forming a new organization, provide you with services available and give you the chance to ask questions.