Work Orders and MSU Lawn Use Guidelines

There are certain items, such as access to power and the setup of chairs and table in outdoor ven­ues, all of which must be obtained through a work order sent to the Facilities Management Office. Request should be submitted by an advisor through the TMA iService work order system. Special requests need to be directed to the Director of Facilities, Kim Rhode-Harris, at x34120 or 610-683-4120.

MSU Lawn Reservation and Set up Information

The McFarland Student Union lawn area is a common space within the University space request process. Students, Faculty, Staff and other constituents are able to reserve this space utilizing the EMS virtual reservation system, in accord with the Universities policies found in The Key.

As with any other space on campus, student organizations may request the use of the MSU lawn through their advisor. Please note a confirmation is required. Event planners are encouraged to retain a copy of their space request and confirmation. Once confirmation has been received, event coordinators may also have additional needs.

Here are some helpful tips:

To reserve tables / chairs / water access/ electrical / trash container(s):

  • Advisors to student organizations can submit a work request to have tables, chairs, trash cans [especially if you are providing food] or electrical access at an outdoor [or indoor] event via the University facilities department electronic request system.
  • Please note for water access organizations/offices are required to provide their own hose(s).
  • When submitting a work order for additional trash cans, please be sure to submit a second work order for the removal of trash and include the time event is complete.

Use of music or sound system:

  • For any event involving the use of a sound system, event coordinators are encouraged to direct the speakers either toward the MSU or toward Schaeffer [away from the Library and away from Boehm Science Center / Sharadin Arts Building]. Your cooperation with this effort to support the academic mission of our University will be greatly appreciated.
  • KU reserves the right to modify the sound level in accord with our University mission.
  • We recommend that you go into the library to see if you can hear the music. If so, please adjust the volume.
  • At all times it should be below 80 decibels at the entrance of the McFarland Student Union.

If you have any additional questions about the use of the MSU lawn, please feel free to contact Student Involvement at 610-683-1383 or stop into room 153.