Planning a Successful Event

Programming an event for your organization or for the whole campus can range from very simple to complicated. Often, contracts and supporting paperwork and plans are required for a program to happen. Not everything outlined in this document may be required for every event, however, it represents a comprehensive list of typical issues you might face when putting an activity together.

"The Goal of this program is to..."

Each event should have specific goals, including why is the event being held and will attendees gain from the program. Questions to be asked throughout this process of goal setting include:

  • What is the purpose of the program?
  • Is it educational or entertaining?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • Are you fund raising?
  • Will there be a co-sponsor?

Do you feel a little overwhelmed when speaking with a new agent or performer for the first time? Here is a list of important information that can help make the next discussion with an agent a successful one. Maintaining this information increases accuracy and the potential for success.

Agent/Contact Name: You need to know with whom you are dealing.

Agency & Address: Having an agency name and address is required by KUSSI Accounting.

Artist: the accounting office also requires the event/artist name. Federal Identification Tax #: Required by KUSSI for payment of artist. References: By collecting references, you will have additional information regarding the quality of your presenter.

Phone/Fax Numbers: Keep all in one place. You will need these numbers for collecting and sending information.


Reserving rooms, vehicles, and/or equipment is often a necessary early step in your process of booking the next exciting event to hit KU. The following checklist can help you make all necessary arrangements. (Remember, your event may not require all of the following areas. Check to be sure.)

Room Reservation: Registered student organizations may reserve space for events on campus. These reservations must be made through the organization's advisor through the EMS Room Reservation system.

Hotel Reservations: The event may require one or more persons to stay overnight. In this case you will need to make ho­tel arrangements. Office of Student Involvement can assist you in finding a hotel accommodation's contact information.

Vehicle Reservation Form: Some performers require transportation to and from the event. Perhaps the event is a trip or excur­sion to another location. KUSSI maintains vehicles for SGA Maroon and Gold Status organizations for these purposes. The proper form is available in the MSU 173 and should be returned at least two weeks before the required date of usage to ensure availability.


For any event to take place there must be an agreement between the artist or vendor and the organization. This agreement usually takes the form of a contract. Contracts can be sticky business so be sure to contact Office of Student Involvement with any questions. No student or student group may sign a contract under any circumstances. All contracts are submitted to Student Involvement in MSU 153. No exceptions.

KUSSI Standard Contract
If the presenter of your event does not have a contract, then the KUSSI Standard Contract must be used. This is available in the Office of Student Involvement (MSU 153) and must be completed and signed by the contractor and KUSSI, Inc. Executive Director.

The research is complete and the costs have been estimated; now it's time to put it all together and present the idea to the advisor and the rest of the organization. Be sure to prepare the request in writing, including all pertinent information. Being prepared can avoid delays in the consideration of your proposal.


Some buildings, such as the McFarland Student Union, require a set-up plan for the reserved space. These plans should include requests for items such as tables, chairs, stage, electrical outlets, etc. It is important to be specific and include all required items. Be sure to verify you have what you need to run a smooth event. If your event is in the McFarland Student Union, please visit MSU 274 to discuss your setup requests. If your event is in Schaffer Auditorium, please contact the KU Presents! office to get in touch with the production staff. Always check with the respective building manager to verify you have all the appropriate requirements for your event.


Depending on the nature of the event, it may require proper approval. The only way to be sure is to contact Public Safety at x34002 or visit them in Old Main. Public Safety can be used for large crowds at certain locations or when there may be parking congestion. Additional charges may be added if security is needed for the event.


Another very important part of planning a program is being aware of your anticipated expenses, having a plan for unanticipated expenses and making sure you have the money to pay for everything!