Study Abroad

Dig deep. Find your inner explorer. This is the time. Grow not into someone new, but into yourself. Golden Bears learn everywhere. Take advantage of study abroad opportunities and see the world now, while you are a student.

You can study abroad and take classes in your major in English in many countries, regardless of your ability to speak another language.  You have endless opportunities available to you. Travel with a small group of KU students on a faculty-led program or venture to a program on your own, where you will meet students from around the United States and the world.

The Study Abroad Office, along with academic advisors, the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, and many other departments on campus, will support you throughout the entire process. We can help you select a program, get your courses pre-approved for transfer back to KU, provide a pre-departure orientation and give additional support while you are abroad and after your return to KU.

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Program Types and Current Offerings

  • KU Faculty-Led Programs

    Faculty-Led study abroad programs are offered by KU faculty. The KU professor accompanies students during a study abroad program, usually held during winter or summer break. Courses can be a KU course or a course offered by a host university abroad. The group of students and faculty traveling together meet frequently before the trip, often travel together to the destination, and always remain together as a group for the duration of the program in the host country. Pay KU tuition and fees plus program fees directly to KU.

    Winter 2023

    KU London

    Live, learn, and travel throughout London, England and the region during winter break. London is rich in culture, a global center of art and commerce, and over 100 languages are spoken there.

    KU Belize

    Explore the rich biological and cultural diversity of Belize during Winter Session! Belize is an English speaking country in Central America with an extensive network of protected tropical forests, tropical savannas, and the second largest barrier reef in the world. Some of the most exquisite species we are likely to encounter and study in Belize are epiphytic orchids, leaf-cutter ants, fer-de-lance, boa constrictors, howler monkeys, tapir, kinkajou, harpy eagle, and if we are lucky, the elusive and majestic jaguar. Additionally, Mayans constitute a large portion of the Belizean population and we will experience how they continue to interact with the natural flora and fauna for building materials, clothing, medicines and food.

    Summer 2023

    KU Germany and the Alps

    Students and instructors spend nine exciting days in Munich and travel to sites in Bavaria.  Later, the program moves its home base in Fulpmes, Austria, a scenic alpine village in the Stubai Valley 15 kilometers south of Innsbruck.

    Fulpmes will serve as headquarters for class instruction, site visits, and excursions.

    KU Ireland Summer Program

    KU Ireland 2023 offers three classes and visits five cities, which each serve as jumping-off points for regional explorations of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. We go to Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Killarney, and Cork while studying History, Psychology, and Literature.

    This is a non-traditional, interdisciplinary study abroad experience. Our studies are all location-based. The cities and the country become our classroom. We brave the rain and take in the sunshine while we forge relationships that will last a lifetime.

    If you’re looking for adventure and an incomparable college experience, visit our website and apply today.

    KU Spain and Morocco

    Develop a deep appreciation for the rich blend of Iberian, African and Arabic traditions that have influenced the art, architecture, and cuisine of these two Mediterranean countries. Your explorations of Madrid’s Imperial palaces, Granada’s Moorish medieval neighborhoods, and Fez’s colorful bazaars will bring this region’s complex religious, cultural and social history to life.

  • KU Exchange Programs

    Exchange programs are typically a semester or full year study abroad program at a partner university for students in specific majors. You pay KU tuition and fees to KU, but pay room, meals, and personal expenses at host study site.

    Current KU Exchange Programs: 

  • KU Short-Term Programs

    KU currently offers a short-term study abroad program through ICADS in Costa Rica

  • U.S. Institutions

    Study abroad program run by a U.S. college/university. Credit and/or transcript may be issued by U.S. university or university abroad. Fees are usually paid to university that is running the study abroad program.

    Remember to check out programs offered by other PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) universities, too! 

  • Third-Party Providers

    Third-party providers are independent organizations that facilitate or administer study-abroad programs. They often act as intermediaries by assisting students with logistics like course registration, housing arrangements and other support services. While models differ, academic and social guidance is generally included throughout the duration of a program, such as orientation, support services, field trips and cultural activities. Additionally, providers are typically able to provide transcripts that ease credit transfer for students who enroll in their programs based at universities abroad.

    Kutztown University is currently affiliated with:

    AIFS Abroad (AIFS)

    Academic Programs International (API)

    International Studies Abroad (ISA) 

    The Education Abroad Network (TEAN)

  • Other Study Abroad Opportunities/Programs

    We encourage you to find a study abroad program that is the best fit for you. 

    Direct Enrollment: Or, you can directly enroll in a college/university and take classes with local students. This is a very independent experience, as KU would not have a contract, contacts, or in-depth knowledge of the host university. All tuition, fees, and other expenses are paid to host study site.

    Search for your ideal study abroad program using the study abroad database or apply to the Other Program - Not Listed option if you are interested in a study abroad program that is not in our database. Our staff will review the program and let you know if it can be approved.