Enterprise Rental Request Form Instructions

Kutztown employees who wish to reserve a vehicle from Enterprise for business-related purposes must complete the reservation form available by clicking this link:

Enterprise Rental Vehicle Request Form

You will need to login into the website using your KU credentials. Signatures of approvers will be obtained via DocuSign.

Please follow the instructions in this video to complete the reservation process. Written instructions are below the video.

Employee Information: Enter the name and telephone extension of the employee who is completing the request form. 
Cost Center: Enter the department name and cost center number to be charged for the rental vehicle. Please make sure the cost center name matches the cost center number.
Destination: Enter the city and state. If multiple locations indicate the locations where the majority of time will be spent by the traveler.
Departure/Return: Enter the dates and times when the rental vehicle will be picked up and returned, this information should be the same as the dates and times on the vehicle reservation submitted to Enterprise.
Purpose of Travel: State the business purpose for the rental, being as specific as possible.
Drivers: List the names of all employees (and student employees) who will/may drive the vehicle. All drivers must have a valid driver's license. (The Requester must verify that all drivers have a valid driver's license.)
Passengers: List names of other non-driving passengers that will be traveling in the vehicle. If a class, club or team, please provide the entity's name and the number of passengers. An attachment including the names of all passengers should be attached to the request form.
Vehicle Type: Indicate the type of vehicle rented and the total estimated rental cost for the vehicle that is being requested from Enterprise.


Once you complete the information and submit the request form, the following approvals will be collected via DocuSign, based upon the total cost of the rental. For all rentals, the form must be signed by:

  • the Requestor (the person completing the form even if they are not the driver).
  • the Driver (if they are not the Requestor)
  • the Driver’s Supervisor
  • the Next Level Authority (for rentals costing $500+)
  • the Next Level Authority and the Vice President (for rentals costing $2500+)

*The Next Level Authority is the Supervisor’s Supervisor.

If the rental is funded by Restricted Grant Funds, then the Director of Grants & Sponsored Projects will also be added to the approval flow corresponding to the total cost of the rental. After receiving the appropriate approvals to use a rental vehicle, the requestor should enter the rental reservation with Enterprise using the Enterprise Rental web link.

Enterprise/KU Rental Form

Complete the information requested on the website. When you get to the section named "Billing", the information will default to "Yes." Under "Enter Billing Number," the field will be populated with a value of "••••8470". Please do not change these values. Your department's cost center number will be entered in the next section. 

Accounts Payable Website

If other travel expenses are anticipated, the employee must complete a Travel Expense Form and adhere to the procedures for submitting that document to Accounts Payable.