Bread and Puppet Theater

2016 Art Education Conference

Performing Stories: Explore the possibilities of narrative pedagogy to engage, lead and transform the classroom experience

8:00 – 4:00, Schaeffer Auditorium
The 78" Annual Kutztown University Art Education Conference

Bread & Puppet Theater

The renowned Bread & Puppet Theater based in Vermont was founded by Peter Schumann and is one of the oldest non-commercial and self-supporting theaters in the country. Three of the core puppeteers will perform in the morning and then conduct an extensive three-hour cantastoria workshop with both educators and Kutztown University students. Cantastoria is a picture-story recitation that utilizes paintings and scrolls with sung narration.

Joshua Krugman

Joshua Krugman is a poet, puppeteer, and fiddler who lives and works with the Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover, Vermont. His poems have appeared in The Bitter Oleander, Matter Monthly, Osiris, and Ostranenie. He's performed in Bread and Puppet's A Thing Done In A Seeing Place, Captain Boycott, Fire, A Monument to Oscar Lopez Rivera, and The Underneath the Above Show #1, as well as various circuses, pageants, and parades. 

Lindsay Love

Lyndsay Love is a performer, writer, and puppeteer. Lyndsay has performed across the country doing cantastoria and suitcase shows with Tooth and Nail Puppetry Front and has been involved with Burlington's Spielpalast Cabaret as a performer, Art Director, and Dramaturge for the past three years. She worked on Cardboard Teck Instantute's Grottoblaster. She has performed in Bread and Puppet's annual circuses and pageants since 2010, as well as last year's A Monument to Oscar Lopez Rivera and The Underneath the Above Show #1.

Esteli Kitchen

Esteli Kitchen is a puppeteer and musician from San Francisco, California. She has been a member of the resident company of Bread & Puppet Theater since 2012. Esteli spends much of her year on the road with the theater and in between tours enjoys brief spells of stasis in Vermont with her cat, Katrina.

Bread and Puppet Cantastoria

Cantastoria! Techniques for potable and portable theater:

Cantastoria is one of humanity's oldest known styles of performance. Called ‘bankelsang’ in Germany, ‘etoki’ in Japan, and ‘cantastoria’ in Italy, the technique originated in India more than two thousand years ago. Bread and Puppet uses this simple form of storytelling and performance to convey many different messages, from children's stories to parables of political protest. In this workshop participants will observe a Bread and Puppet cantastoria and then jump into performing in the chorus of another. Finally, participants will work in groups to craft their own cantastorias.

Bread & Puppet Cantastoria
Bread & Puppet Cantastoria