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Art Education (Post-Baccalaureate Certification: Intern Program)

This track is specifically designed for candidates presently teaching art in PA schools who seek PA Level I Certification in the visual arts. Candidates applying to the Art Education Intern Program are employed full-time as the art teacher of record at schools within a 35-mile radius of Kutztown University, and work under emergency teaching permits. 

Candidates must meet program criteria including candidacy status and passing the Praxis exams* for visual arts certification in order to be admitted into the Program. Eligible candidates have earned a BA or BFA in the visual arts or related field from an accredited institution with a 3.0 cumulative GPA. As part of the application process, candidates must meet clearance requirements and have them on file prior to starting the program.

The Intern Program is accelerated and candidates can complete the requirements in three semesters by taking full-time graduate coursework including a supervised Internship. Candidates complete clinical experiences (student teaching) in their own classrooms. See the Art Education Intern Checksheet

Seven courses required in the Intern Program are offered through distance learning as blended or 100% online. There is, however, no guarantee that the remaining course required for certification will be offered at times that does not conflict with the school day. Candidates should meet with their advisor to find the best schedule of classes and work with their schools to assure that they can take the time needed to complete required coursework. 

The Intern Program Professional Core is comprised of courses specific to Art Education. In addition, candidates take EDU and SPU professional competencies common to all teacher certification programs. Some courses are available as summer offerings to afford maximum flexibility in meeting the requirements. 

A sample sequence of courses follows:

Semester 1

  • ARU 522 Perspectives in Art Education (online)
  • ARU 517 Art Criticism (blended, meets in-person on two Saturdays + online)
  • ARU 476 Art Education Internship (in your own classroom)

Semester 2

  • ARU 536 Curriculum Design in Art Education (online)
  • EDU 428/528 Cultural Awareness ESL/ELL (online)
  • SPU 514 Effective Instructional Strategies (online)

Semester 3

  • ARU 430 Studio Thinking (blended with five in-person meetings or 100% online)
  • SPU 500 Cognitive Development (online)

Candidates become certified after satisfactory completion of coursework and requisite paperwork filed with the PA Department of Education. In addition, candidates can earn an M.Ed. in Art Education by taking two additional courses, Methods of Research and Graduate Seminar, both offered 100% online. Information for prospective students who reside outside of Pennsylvania, or plan to relocate.

*The ETS Praxis tests for visual art certification are #5134 ART CONTENT KNOWLEDGE and #5511 FUNDAMENTAL SUBJECTS.

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