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Chris Moyer

Christian posing in the esports room while holding a Gamecube Controller.

Chris Moyer '25, (also known as C- in the esports community) was already an exceptionally talented Super Smash Bros. player before enrolling at Kutztown University in the Fall of 2022. Little did he know that his competitive career would be taken to the next level as a Golden Bear.

Hailing from Jonestown, Pa., Moyer has proven himself to be a very formidable competitor in just about any game he plays. The junior currently competes in both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 3 and serves as the current president of Kutztown Esports.

Moyer was entranced by competitive esports ever since his youth. Growing up, he spent countless hours watching videos of the world’s best going head-to-head at major Smash tournaments. The mass excitement these tournaments accrued inspired a young Chris to start practicing, hoping to be the best in his region someday.

At 15, Moyer took a day trip to Gettysburg to compete in his first in-person tournament. Given that over 80 entrants were attending, he was certain there would be some competition. But to his surprise, he came out on top without breaking a sweat. With his first tournament win under his belt and $250 in prize money in his pocket, Moyer felt more motivated than ever to keep practicing and competing.

Chris Moyer sits in Kutztown University's Esports arena, with the wording "Kutztown ESports" in colorful lettering along the ceiling, and computers and branded computer chairs arranged in the background and foreground.

Chris Moyer in Kutztown University's ESports Arena, located in the McFarland Student Union.

Ever since that day, Moyer competed wherever and whenever he could, both virtually and in person. Throughout his career, he has attended majors such as Collision 2023, Super Smash Con 2023, and Riptide 2023. Moyer has also traveled internationally to attend Smash tournaments. In July 2023, he flew to Ireland to compete in Level 1, the largest regional event of the year in Europe. He finished second overall, beating the likes of Peli and NaetorU, who are among the best players in Europe and are both top 150 players worldwide.

Moyer also has notable wins against some of the best players in North America, including:

  • Jakal
    • Ranked 84th worldwide
    • Ranked 4th in New Jersey (as of Q1 2024)
  • IcyMist
    • Currently the best player in Pennsylvania
    • Ranked 1st in Pittsburgh (as of Q1 2024)
    • Ranked 101st worldwide
  • BONK!
    • Currently the best player of his character of choice (Meta Knight) in North America
    • Ranked 6th in Philadelphia (as of Q1 2024)

As of quarter one of 2024, Moyer is ranked first on Central Pennsylvania's Power Rankings. He has remained a force to be reckoned with since he first arrived at KU in the Fall of 2022. In his first semester alone, he was ranked second in Central Pennsylvania in quarter three and quarter four of 2022. He would maintain his status as one of Pennsylvania’s best players for the next year, being ranked first in the region in quarter one of 2023, ranked second in quarter two of 2023, and ranked first again in quarter three of 2023. He was also ranked third in Philadelphia in quarter three of 2023.

In February 2024, Moyer traveled to State College to compete in Smash Valley: Revival, a regional event boasting 250 attendees across all events hosted. This event was the first of four tournaments that served as a qualifier for the Pennsylvania Ultimate Collegiate Cup (PAUCC) finals that took place in Kutztown this past April. With regionally, nationally, and globally recognized players attending this event, the bracket looked like quite the challenge. However, this did not faze Moyer. He placed 7th out of 137 entrants and was one of four students who qualified for the PAUCC finals that day.

Christian Moyer, left, with three other competitors.

Chris Moyer, left, with three other PAUCC qualifiers after the State College tournament.

From left to right: Chris "C-" Moyer (Kutztown), Thomas "Thass" Willis (Penn State), Tom "TD" Durika (Messiah), Jay "BlassTD" Kerr (West Chester).

As for his performance at the PAUCC, Moyer placed 5th at the event out of all 16 qualifiers. He beat several players throughout his run, including Fader (Penn State), JohnSwitch (Westmoreland County Community College), and Thass (Penn State).

Smash is not Moyer’s only forte. He also competes on one of Kutztown Esports’ Splatoon teams. He is currently the best user of his weapon of choice, (the Splattershot Pro) in the entire collegiate league, consisting of over 100 teams from 40 colleges across North America. And whenever he is not making waves in the esports arena, Moyer leads the way through environmental expeditions as the current president of KU’s Outdoors Club.

Aside from competing, Moyer has a burning desire to help and understand others. He discovered his passion for psychology in high school and has remained fascinated ever since. He expects to complete his bachelor's degree in Psychology in 2025.

As for the future, Moyer plans to get his master’s degree in psychology to pursue either counseling or sports psychology. And even if competing has no place in his future, Moyer hopes to continue supporting the esports community in any way he can.

Quotation Mark

I want people to experience the same joy that I was able to experience from my many years of competing.

Chris Moyer

By Pearson Uelses '27

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