COVID Modified Service Delivery Plan

As employees begin returning to campus there will be many new ways we will be conducting business. Below is information that will assist you in obtaining services from Facilities Management.

COVID Related Modified Service Delivery Information

Where possible, contactless or minimum contact alternative service models for Facilities services are recommended and are being implemented to the extent possible.  However, we also recognize that much of our work is “hands-on” and requires some level of face-to-face interaction.  The following service plans are being implemented to ensure that we encourage minimized contact, practice social distancing, and use proper hygiene protocols when conducting necessary face-to-face transactions.

In general, customers are encouraged to use electronic means of communication and avoid walk-up service in our lobby where possible to do so.

  • Work requests should be entered online using iService Desk which can be found at the following link:
  • Communication via email or telephone is preferred in lieu of face-to-face meetings.
  • Virtual meetings (Zoom is our preferred platform) are preferred in lieu of face-to-face.
  • Scanning and sending documents via email is preferred to hard copies via campus mail.

Walk-up/Lobby Services

We understand that there will still be a need for some services to be conducted face-to-face.  During normal working hours, the exterior lobby doors will be open to allow access for some of the more common points of face-to-face interaction between Facilities and its’ customers.  This includes reception of visitors, the Key and Lock Office (key distribution and return) and the Work Control Center (vendor/contractor check-in and check-out).

To minimize the number of personnel in the lobby area at any given time, we ask you call ahead and arrange a time to stop by and avoid “just dropping by.”  The service windows at the Key and Lock Office and Work Control Center will remain closed except when transacting business.  We ask that you wear a mask while inside the building and observe social distancing when conducting a transaction at the service windows.  In addition, we ask that you use the following procedures as much as possible:

  • Key and Lock Services
    • Key pickups can be coordinated by telephone in advance. Key and Lock Office staff can meet the key recipient outside the front entrance (both parties should be masked), and will obtain a signature outdoors, avoiding the need for visitors to enter the building.
    • Contactless key drop-off for customers will be encouraged using our existing key drop vault at the edge of the Facilities building parking lot. Receipts for keys will be sent electronically to the keyholder on the same day keys are received (for keys dropped off before 3:30 p.m.)
    • Our electronic key box allows for regular service providers/vendors to obtain electronically monitored key rings from a box located in the vestibule of the building entrance. Keys can be returned to the same location, eliminating any need to enter the building lobby and minimizing person-to-person contact.
  • Work Control Center
    • Submission of work requests via iService Desk online is preferred.
    • Telephone contact for emergency and urgent work requests, x31594.
    • Email contact with for all routine inquiries and coordination needs.
    • Drop-off and pick-up of vendor/contractor service orders and work order documentation will be handled through a contactless pickup station in the vestibule near the electronic key box. Work Control Center personnel will work with vendors to identify means of “signing” vendor service orders without person-to-person contact.

Access to the interior of Facilities beyond the lobby will be by appointment only.  Please make sure you have an appointment and are expected before arriving.

Maintenance Service Delivery

When completing maintenance work order requests, personnel will wear a mask and practice proper social distancing where possible.  In the situation where work is not an emergency and proper safety protocols cannot be followed, the work shall be re-scheduled to a more appropriate time.  Work will not be completed in offices without the occupant’s prior approval.  Upon completion of work, all touched surfaces will be sanitized.

Logistical Services

When completing maintenance work order requests, personnel will wear a mask and practice proper social distancing where possible.  It is advised that the customer wipe/sanitize items after delivery.  Work will not be completed in offices without the occupant’s prior approval. 

Custodial Service Delivery

When completing custodial work, personnel will wear a mask and practice proper social distancing where possible.

To minimize entry into offices and possible contamination of surfaces, custodians will not enter offices to collect waste cans.  Office occupants are asked to place their waste cans in the corridor outside their offices when leaving at the end of the day of their scheduled pickup.  The office waste pickup schedule is included below.

Building Service Day
Academic Forum Tuesday
Admin Friday
Admissions Friday
Beekey Monday
Boehm Tuesday
Boxwood Thursday
Defran Wednesday
Ed House Wednesday
Grad Center Friday
Grim Monday
Kemp Wednesday
Keystone Wednesday
Lytle Thursday
Maintenance Thursday
MCC Wednesday
OM-A (2-4 flrs.) Monday
OM-B (2-5 flrs.) Tuesday
OM-C (B&1st flrs.) Tuesday
OM-D (2-4 flrs.) Wednesday
OM-E&F (3 flr.) Thursday
OM-basement Thursday
OM-1st flr. Friday
Rickenbach Monday
Rohrbach Thursday
Rohrbach (east base) Thursday
Schaeffer Friday
Sharadin Tuesday