Getting Connected: WiFi setup in the residence halls

PCs, Macs, Mobile Devices

Step #1: JOIN OPEN NETWORK (ResNet WiFi)

  • Select ResNet WiFi from the list of available networks. A registration page may appear automatically. If the registration doesn't appear, open a browser and go to


  • Enter your KU username (e.g. sgrif456) and password to register your device.

Step #3: JOIN SECURE NETWORK (BearNet Secure)

  • A few seconds after registering your device, you should see the secure WiFi configuration page. If not, you can browse to
  • Your device type should be detected. Click JoinNow.
  • A small SecureW2 installer is downloaded. Open it if it doesn’t open automatically.
  • You’ll be prompted for your KU username and password during installation.
  • The profile is automatically configured. When installation is complete, the device will connect to BearNet Secure (or you can manually switch to BearNet Secure).

Once the security certificate profile is installed, your device should prefer BearNet Secure over any open network.

For more information on BearNet Secure, click here.

All Other Devices

To connect your Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Smart TV, Amazon Echo, Amazon Firestick, Roku, etc. to the wireless network, follow the steps below. (Please note that Google Chromecast as well as most wireless printers are designed for small home networks and will not work on ResNet WiFi. If you have a printer, we recommend using a standard USB printer cable directly connected to your computer.)


  • Locate the MAC Address (or Wireless ID) of your device. You can usually find the MAC Address in your device's network settings. Check here for specific device instructions, or contact the ResNet Helpdesk for assistance.


  • Once you've located the MAC Address, log into the Self-Registration Portal and add your device. (The Self-Registration Portal can only be accessed from the residence halls.)

Step #3:  JOIN OPEN NETWORK (ResNet WiFi)

  • When connecting your device, select ResNet WiFi from the list of available wireless networks. Registrations expire at the end of the academic year.