ResNet Off-Campus Support Program

Scope of work

  • The ResNet help desk offers  pay-for-service technical support to Kutztown University students residing off-campus.
  • The ResNet help desk does not offer on-site support to students residing off-campus. All off-campus support is provided in-house at the ResNet help desk.
  • The ResNet help desk does not provide warranty service. For devices still under a manufacturer warranty, the ResNet help desk will only provide services that do not void the warranty.
  • The ResNet help desk cannot guarantee a completion date for work. All on-campus support issues take precedence over off-campus support issues.
Blackout periods

The ResNet help desk reserves the right to refuse off-campus support requests during the first 3 weeks of a semester.


$19.00 per 1/2-hour (Free estimate)

Terms of service

All work performed by Kutztown University ResNet staff is done in good faith. Although ResNet staff will attempt to resolve any subsequent problems that may result from hardware/software installation and configuration, Kutztown University and Kutztown University ResNet staff cannot ultimately be held responsible for any hardware damage or loss of data.