Placement Tests at KU

ALEKS Math Placement Assessment - Required

The ALEKS Math Placement Assessment will determine which level of math you should be placed in. This assessment must be completed before you come to campus for your in-person New Student Orientation session. This information is used to place you into the appropriate level of math required for your degree.

Students whose transfer credits have been evaluated and transferred to Kutztown as MAT 017 Introduction to Mathematics, or higher, are not required to take the mathematics assessment. However, if your major requires more than introductory math, you must take the assessment. If you have any questions about your program of study and the mathematics requirement, please contact the department of your major.

If you are dissatisfied with your score, you may work in the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module and then retake the assessment (see below for details). Please do so as soon as possible to avoid being closed out of the most desirable mathematics classes.

It takes 72 hours to process your score. For any technical issues with the assessment, contact the Math Department.
Lytle Hall 227
(610) 683-4410

Modern Language Placement - Optional

Why Take the Placement?

First, the placement exam is only for students with previous language experience who want to continue studying that same language. Tests are available in Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

Taking the Modern Language Placement allows you to be placed at the appropriate level of study to maximize your success in the study of the language. It also allows you to receive up to 9 free credits for levels below the level at which you place. (For example, if you place into level 102 or higher, and then complete the appropriate course at KU with a grade of C or better (on first attempt; repeated courses do not count), you will receive credit for courses in the same language at the lower levels!

If you have had no previous experience studying a different language or if you want to learn a different language, you do not need to take the placement.

Click here to take the placement. More information is available by contacting the Modern Language Studies Department.
Old Main 231
(610) 683- 4427