College Level Examination Program

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows both traditional and non-traditional students to earn college credit by examination. It enables students to demonstrate the knowledge and mastery he or she has acquired through independent study, academic interests or on-the-job training. Five General Examinations cover course material usually required in the first two years of college. Twenty-four Subject Examinations cover material from a wide range of courses in the fields of Literature, Foreign Languages, History, Social Science, Mathematics, Science and Economics. When you earn qualifying scores on these examinations, as acceptable by Kutztown University, you can move beyond the introductory level coursework to more advanced courses.

The tests are administered by appointment via computer at Kutztown University in room 206 of the Stratton Administration Building. 

CLEP examinations require 90 minutes of test time plus approximately 30 minutes of preparation time.

For Additional Information including; test dates, costs, and credit equivalencies please visit the Testing Services Page.