Business Idea Competition

2023 Fall Kutztown University Business Idea Competition  

The Kutztown University Business Idea Competition provides students of all disciplines an opportunity to develop their creative business ideas, receive valuable feedback from business professionals and win cash prizes! Finalists will present their business ideas to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs on November 15, 2023 in de Francesco, Room 101.

2023 Prize Amounts:
1st Place - $2,500
2nd Place - $1,500
3rd Place - $1,000

  • Competition Timeline

    2023 Business Idea Competition Orientation Sessions: 

    • Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 3:00pm in de Francesco, Room 201
    • Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 11:00am in de Francesco, Room 201

    Submit your business idea here by October 11, 2023 (see Competition Rules)

    Finalists will be notified via email by October 20, 2023 

    November 15, 2023: KU Business Idea Competition, 5:00 p.m. in de Francesco, Room 101
    (Finalists make their presentations to a panel of judges) 

    Winners will be eligible to participate in the State System Startup Challenge

  • Competition Rules
    1. Competition is open to all current KU undergraduate students
    2. Students may compete individually or as a team (not to exceed 4 members)
    3. Attend an Orientation Session (see Competition Timeline)
    4. Submit a written business idea (only one submission per student or team, 2-3 typed pages see Submission Guidelines)
    5. Finalists will compete via a 3-5 minute live presentation before a panel of judges, followed by 3 minutes of Q&A
    6. Professional attire required for all finalists

    All finalists will be encouraged to participate in the State System Startup Challenge.

  • Submission Guidelines
    1. Submit a written description of your idea for a business or non-profit organization in the form of a 2-3 page typed paper in Times New Roman font (12 pt) double spaced with 1" margins
    2. Also include a cover page with the name of the business and the name(s) of the student(s)
    3. Save your Word document with your first and last name and your student ID number
    4. Each submission must reflect a new business idea
    5. Each submission should contain the following:
      • Name of Business
      • What is the real-world goal of your business?
      • Who will be your target market?
      • Describe the type of business (on-line, service based, manufacturing, non-profit organization, etc.)... Explain.
      • Describe how you will promote and market the product or service.
      • How will the business be financed?
      • What will be the structure of your organization? (Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or non-profit)
  • Competition Resources
    1. Visit the Small Business Development Center's Pitch Then Plan page
    2. Become a Small Business Development Center client using this form
    3. For help with professional attire visit the Career Development Center Career Closet

2022 Business Idea Competition Winners and Judges

Ken Ritter (Judge and COO of HEYCO Metals), Janine Birch (Judge and Marketing Manager for Wehrung's Lumber and Home Center), Emma Wetzel (3rd place winner), Jason Fliegelman (1st place winner), Sarah Misselhorn (2nd place winner), John Dever (Judge and Business Consultant with KU SBDC), and John Stetler (Judge and Director of KU SBDC)

1st Place Winner - Jason Fliegelman

Jason presented his business idea, Fliegelman Music Video Network (FMVN), to the judges. FMVN is a new streaming service where music fans of many generations will not only be able to listen to their favorite artists, but will also be able to watch hosted segments of the artists in between songs.

2nd Place Winner - Sarah Misselhorn

Sarah presented her business idea, Boomba, to our panel of judges. Boomba is a new robot specifically designed to pickup trash left on beaches.

3rd Place Winner - Emma Wetzel

Emma's business idea, The Valley Theatre, is an indoor live music venue located in Eastern Pennsylvania.

This Year's 2022 Business Idea Competition Winners

Emma Wetzel (3rd Place), Jason Fliegelman (1st Place), and Sarah Misselhorn (2nd Place)

Juan Vargas-Elvira

Juan pitching his business idea, Vargas’s Rental Store de Música, to our panel of judges.

Ray Wells

Ray pitching his business idea, 007 Boxing Gym, to the panel of judges.

Brendan Noska

Brendan pitching his business idea, The Stage, to the judges.

Winners and judges of the 2022 business idea competition.
Jason Fliegelman, first place winner of the 2022 business idea competition, holding a large check for $2,500 and a lightbulb trophy
Sarah Misselhorn, second place winner, holding up a large check for $1,500 and lightbulb trophy
Emma Wetzel, third place winner, holding up a large check for $1000 and a lightbulb trophy
All three winners holding their trophies.
Juan Vargas-Elvira pitching his business idea to the judges.
Ray Wells pitches his business idea, 007 Boxing Gym to the judges.
Brendan Noska pitches his business idea,