Educator Clearances

Students in the College of Education (COE) and College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) in an education program that requires field/clinical experience are required to obtain initial clearances.

For students starting in the fall semester, clearances are due to Anthology by October 15th. For students starting in the spring, clearances are due by February 15th. Clearances must be dated no earlier than four months before the start date of the semester of entry to an education program. See KU's Clearance Policy here.

Required Clearances & Instructions:

  • Act 34 PA Criminal History Report
    • Go to and select Submit New Record Check, accept the Terms & Conditions, choose Individual Request, and select Employment as Reason for Request. *DO NOT select any “Volunteer” or “Other” options.*
    • Input your personal information and click Proceed.
    • Confirm your information and click Enter this Request.
    • Click View Queued Record Check, and then Submit.
    • Proceed to payment options and pay the $22.00 fee by credit/debit card.
    • Once the application is submitted, save your R-Control Number. This number is required for checking your clearance’s status if not processed right away.
    • When your record has been processed, click the R-Control number, and click Certification Form. Immediately save your official results as a PDF. Upload the document to Anthology. If you do not download the results immediately, you will lose access to them unless you have your R-Control number saved!

    If you have questions/need help, contact the EPATCH help desk at 1-888-783-7972. Your R-Control number is required for the help desk to access your clearance.

  • Act 114 FBI Federal Criminal History Record

    Fingerprinting MUST be obtained through IdentoGO, using service code 1KG6RT (PA College/Uni Teacher Ed program code). A clearance obtained with a different code will not be accepted.

    • Register for the clearance at by entering service code 1KG6RT.
      • On the next screen, select Schedule or Manage an Appointment. Complete the registration form and select the photo ID you will bring to your appointment.
    • To complete fingerprinting on campus:
    • To complete fingerprinting at another location:
      • In the Search for Enrollment Center box, type in a zip code and select a location. You will now be able to schedule an appointment for that location. Save your confirmation page. Bring the photo ID that you selected to your appointment
    • Results: You will receive a receipt containing your UE ID number from the fingerprinting location. Upload a copy of this receipt to Anthology. Once processed, you will receive an email with a one-time link to your unofficial record. Download your record and save a copy immediately; this is the document that school districts will need. Results will not arrive in the mail.

    If you have questions/need help, contact the IdentoGO help desk at 1-855-845-7434.

  • Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training

    (If you have already completed this training, you do not need to re-complete the course as it is good for 5 years. Upload your current certificate to Anthology.)

    • Go to Login or create a new account.
    • Upon completing the course, download your certificate as a PDF and upload to Anthology.
    • If you complete this training using a course other than the University of Pittsburgh site, it MUST total three hours of training as mandated by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education to satisfy the Act 126 clearance.

    If you have questions/need help, contact Pitt’s support center at or 717-605-0236.

  • Act 151 Child Abuse History Report

    Go to

    • Choose Create an Individual Account (if you don’t already have one). Create a Keystone ID and fill out the required information. Once you have logged in with your Keystone ID and set a permanent password, click on Create Clearance Application.
    • When prompted, choose School Employee Governed by Public School Code under Application Purpose. DO NOT select "Volunteer" or and other options.
    • After answering all questions, check Yes to have a copy of the results mailed to you (you can print an digital copy later if needed). Processing takes around 14 days.
    • Pay the $13.00 fee by credit/debit card.
    • When the clearance has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to login to the Child Welfare Portal to access your results. Download/print your results right away. Upload a copy to Anthology and save a copy for your own records.

    If you have questions/need help, contact the CWIS Support Center at 1-877-343-0494.

  • TB Testing
    •  TB testing may be administered by your private health care provider, a location like an express care/CVS/Rite Aid, or the KU Health & Wellness Center.
      • To make an appointment at the Health & Wellness Center, call 610-683-4082. Please note that there may be limited availability at busy times of the semester. The Center offers testing only during the regular spring and fall semesters.
    • Results may be submitted to Anthology on a script pad or doctor’s letterhead with your name, the negative result, date, and physician signature.
      • Screenshots from a health portal app may not contain all the required information and may be rejected.

View & download a PDF of the clearance obtainment & Anthology upload instructions here.

    Clearance Submission:

    Clearance results are uploaded to Anthology, COE's online portfolio/assessment system. All education students required to upload clearances are provided with an Anthology account. New students will receive a welcome login email near the start of the semester with instructions for uploading. For more information, see the COE Support Center's webpage here. Contact us at

    Important notes:

    • Clearances must be dated no earlier than four months before the start date of the semester of entry to an education program.
    • Acts 34 and 151 must be obtained using the noted PA state websites, regardless of if you are out-of-state. Clearances obtained from non-PA state websites will not be accepted. 
    • Act 114 MUST be obtained using service code 1KG6RT, regardless of if you are out-of-state.
    • Incorrectly obtained clearances will not be refunded by COE.
    • Use your home address, not campus address when registering for clearances.
    • Upload your clearance results to Anthology and keep a hard copy for observations.
    • Any arrest or conviction on a clearance or occurring after submitting clearances must be disclosed to the COE Dean’s Office in Beekey 231. Failure to do so may prevent you from completing clinical experiences. Find the arrest/conviction disclosure form here.
    • Clearances may need to be renewed for early field work/classroom observations. Clearances MUST be renewed for student teaching and additional items are required. For information on student teaching, see Clinical Experiences' clearance webpage here.