ED.D. Student and Alumni News and Recognition

Recognizing our Education Doctorate student and alumni accomplishments in transforming education.

Dr. Amanda Holbrook (ED.D. '22)

Dr. Holbrook's dissertation "A Critical Analysis of Cultura in Spanish World Language Textbooks" was featured in the Spring 22 edition of the North American Systemic Functional Linguistics Association's (NASFLA) newsletter. Click here to view the Spring 22 newsletter and Dr. Holbrook's feature


Dr. Cathy Shappell (ED.D. ’21)

Dr. Shappell created the Muhlenberg School District Summer Style 2021 program promo for Muhlenberg students. Many KU education students participated in the program, with Anthony Calvaresi (BSED Special Education Studies) featured in the video. Dr. Shappell's efforts to bridge gaps in student learning and community activism was part of her doctoral work.


Dr. Heather Adams Osborn (ED.D. ’21) 

As part of her dissertation project, Dr. Osborn authored a charity booklet of student writing entitled Unity and Healing.


Dr. Phillip Specht (ED.D. ’21)

Dr. Specht co-authored an article in Preventing School Alternative Education for Children and Youth.