Internships & Research


Students can obtain course credit for applied experiences: a practicum experience, clinical-counseling internship, or an industrial-organizational (I/O) internship. In addition, the KU Community Outreach Center can help with volunteer opportunities and the Career Development Center can help with internship opportunities that might help you achieve your future career goals. STUDENTS MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO THE EXPERIENCE TO RECEIVE CREDIT. Forms are available in the Psychology Department Office and in the hallway next to the office door, as well as online.

Internship Request Form

  • Clinical Internship (PSY 363) 3-6 credits

    (Contact Dr. Akillas 610-683-1366)

    Supervised internship at agencies and organizations offering clinical/counseling services. Students work with clients and gain experience in diagnosis, interviewing, counseling, running support groups, and other clinical services under supervision. PREREQUISITES: PSY 250 AND PSY 360, QPA 2.5 or higher. Internships are arranged 1-2 months before advising and registration. So, contact Dr. Akillas early. More information is provided when students take PSY 360.

    Clinical Internship (PSY 363)

    Site Example Experience
    KidsPeace Assessment and evaluation of children and adolescents; participation in treatment groups
    Youth Valley House Working with troubled adolescents; implementing treatment plans under supervision.
  • Industrial Organizational Internship (PSY 362) 3-6 credits

    (Contact Dr. Stoffey 610-683-1365 or Dr. Baranczyk, 610-683-4459)

    This is an academically-based, supervised work experience designed to apply theory to practice. Students will have the opportunity to interact with professionals in their area of interest, develop the communication skills needed in their field, and begin to build a strong resume and references. This experience will provide not only career focus but also increased self-confidence and maturity. PREREQUISITES: PSY 011 and PSY 220, QPA 2.5 or higher (8-16 contact hours, 3-6 semester hours).

    Site Example Experience
    Lucent Technologies Writing programs using SPSS and managing data files for evaluating training programs sponsored by Microelectronics International University, Lucent Tech.
    PsyCor, Inc. Content analysis of survey data; using SPSS to analyze data; scoring services for pre-employment testing; assisting in training programs in the area of performance management and goal-setting.