Senate Task Forces


Task Force Charge: The Task Force shall research and analyze current KU and best shared government practices.

  • To enhance communication and reporting of KU governance committees
  • To reduce redundancy and streamline membership and selection processes
  • To identify and explore state and national governance best practices (AAC&U and PASSHE)
  • To improve efficiency and clarify mission statements of shared governance
  • To promote the value of university service

 Timeline: The Task Force shall complete its charge by April 2022 and deliver its report and recommendations to the University Senate by the May 2022 meeting.

Willingness Appointments to Task Force

Effective August 2021

Staff & Management Representatives Faculty Representatives
  • Matt Delaney
  • Carissa Pokorney-Golden
  • Caecilia Holt
  • Jerry Schearer, Co-Chair
  • Jason Garcia
  • Mary Bononno, Senate Management Technician, Ex-officio
  • Deryl Johnson, Co-Chair
  • Albert Fu
  • Jason Lanter
  • Ashley Coombs,
  • Tabetha Bernstein
  • Tony Wong, Chair-Committee on Committees, Ex-Officio