Honors Program Courses

The courses listed below will be offered by the Kutztown University Honors Program for the fall 2024 Semester!

Honors Only Courses: 

FYS 100 019H (2789) First Year Seminar 

Tindall | TH | 9:30-1:15 | HH3G  

Muzeta | TH | 12:00-1:15 | HH3G 

Doomsday: Would You Survive? with Dr. Tindall 

Catastrophic events like meteorites, volcanic eruptions, and ice ages have repeatedly decimated life on Earth, causing mass extinctions.  Scientific evidence implicates different culprits acting at different times throughout Earth’s history.  We will explore the scientific techniques used to study the causes and results of mass extinctions.  Students will incorporate scientific principles and creative thinking to project whether humans, as individuals and as a species, could survive these and other planet-altering events if – and when – they occur again. 

Bueller? Teachers in the Movies, with Dr. Muzeta 

Education FYS 100 systematically examines Hollywood representations of teachers. It uses two key disciplinary frameworks—sociology of education, and critical media studies—to analyze film as both a product and producer of American society and culture. Students will reflect upon and critique their own educational experiences and articulate their own beliefs and values about teaching, learning, and schooling. Students will also examine current and historical roles, expectations, stereotypes, and characterizations that define teaching as a profession. Through critical engagement with Hollywood films about education, students learn to identify dominant educational ideologies, and conduct media analysis based on race, class, gender, and sexuality. 


BIO 104 09H Principles of Biology 

Heineman| M | 2:00-4:50 | BH202 (Lecture MWF 12-12:50) 

This course provides students with an introduction to the biological principles and functional aspects of biology that will serve as a foundation for understanding the biology of plants and animals. The concepts covered in this course include the scientific method, cellular structures and processes, genetics, evolution, and biodiversity. This class meets for three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week. 

CMP 100 019H Effective Composition  

Dodson | MWF | 10-10:50 | HH3G 

Students in CMP 100 examine and practice writing in public and academic contexts. The course focuses on writing processes and provides sustained practice in critical thinking, reading, and writing demanded by academic and public writing. Student writers and their written works are at the center of the class. Assignments challenge students to expand their approaches to revision and to experiment with a wide variety of writer's techniques. Particular attention is paid to the intersections of audience, purpose, genre, and context. That is, you will consider not only what to write, but also to whom and in what forms. You will also examine the influences that the writer's and audience's circumstances can exert on composition. The conventions of writing, which may include diction, grammar, syntax, usage, and structure, are addressed as part of the process of writing, and students may study how these conventions change with context.  

CMP 200 019H Research & Composition  

Lynch-Biniek | TH | 9:30-10:45 | HH3G 

Students in CMP 200 practice research and research writing. Assignments challenge you to revise you work and to experiment with a variety of writer's tools as you put your own voice and perspectives into conversation with those of other writers and thinkers. The course focuses on: the development of research questions; the uses of library databases, the library, and digital resources to find information and perspectives; and writing with research. Particular attention is paid to developing intellectual curiosity, assessing sources' credibility, reading academic work and studies, and practicing ethical attribution and citation. Student writers are at the center of the class. CMP:200 fulfills the General Education requirement for a 200-level CMP course. 

COM 10 019H (1643) Fundamentals of Oral Communication  

O’Byrne | TH | 1:30-3:00 | HH3G (This course listed pending approval of the Dean of VPA. You may not be freely able to enroll in it at first.) 

The course introduces the theory and practice of oral communication in presentational, interpersonal, and group contexts. Students develop a knowledge and appreciation for the process of communication as well as the requisite skills to communicate effectively in our culturally and professionally diverse world. Students will learn to develop, organize, and prepare messages, as well as apply active and critical listening skills. This course also prepares students to understand the role of perception, ethics, beliefs, attitudes, nonverbal signals, and stereotypical language in oral communication.  

MGM 210 049H (2956) Principles of Mgmt.   

Gardner| MW| 3-4:20 | DF01G | Honors Cap: 20 

Management 210 is an introduction to the field of management, giving a basic understanding of the processes of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals. In today's business world, organizational leaders adapt to change, applying the fundamental management principles of planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling. This course explores the nature and application of these fundamental principles in the present environment of globalization, technological change, and increased competitiveness.  

GEG 020 019H Human Earth: Introduction to Cultural Geography  

Schnell | TH | 3:00-4:15 | HH3G 

The purpose of this course is to teach students how to think geographically about culture. This involves considering how people’s actions through social, economic, and political processes create and transform places. Topics include, but are not limited to, geographies of population, migration, language, religion, ethnicity, politics, urbanization, agriculture, and development. Students will study how peoples’ culture affects the world around them, and in turn, how it is affected by the cultures and environments that surround it.  

PSY 11 019H General Psychology   

Lanter | MW | 3-4:20 | HH3G 

 An introduction to the psychological bases of behavior in motivation, learning, memory, development, personality, perception, abnormal behavior, psychotherapy, attitude change, and group behavior. 

The sections below are DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES that include  
Honors Students and Traditional Students: 

If you are selecting a dual enrollment course, please select the  
Honors section (019H). 

EDU 120 019H Hip Hop & Multicultural Education 

Sirrakos | TH | 12:00-1:15 | TBA | Blended Honors/non-Honors 

This course will investigate the connections between Hip-Hop culture, approaches to educating traditionally marginalized youth, and the way in which schooling can be constructed and disseminated in Hip-Hop. We will analyze the culture of Hip-Hop in an educational context and consider why rappers and effective teachers, how Hip-Hop is structured in ways that support argumentation and communication, and the ways in which traditional content courses can be taught using components of Hip-Hop culture. Once an understanding of Hip-Hop culture has been established, the term ‘multicultural education’ will be interrogated and lead students to question whether multicultural education has true meaning in current research and practice in education. This course will combine scholarship and theory with considerable exposure to various Hip-Hop songs and artists. 


ARH 025 019H Art History B    

Betz | MW | 3-4:15 | SH120(Blended Honors/non-Honors) 

The course content will include the historical development in art of painting, sculpture, architecture, and craft arts from 1300 through Realism. The major artists, movements and styles of painting, sculpture, architecture and photography from this time period will be introduced. Emphasis will be on the study of art as it is shaped by its cultural, economic, religious, and philosophical context. This class is designed to fulfill a general education requirement and is a large format lecture course. This course will present an overview of art historical developments from 1300 through the mid-nineteenth century. Materials in this class will be presented in a global manner, which will combat traditional art historical constructions of a separation between the “West” and the “Rest.” 

ARC/HUM/WGS 211 019H Women in the Arts    

Sotomayor| TH| 9:30-10:45| SH113 (Blended Honors/non-Honors) 

This course will provide an overview of women's creative achievements, experiences and status in the visual arts. The focus of this course is on gender; however, issues relating to the intersections of gender with race, class, national origin, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation will also be discussed. As well, the course will explore the portrayal of women and the way in which cultural definitions of gender shape women's aesthetic expression. 

COM/WGS 261 09H Intro to Health Communication    

Cripe| MW| 1:30-2:45| Room TBA (Blended Honors/non-Honors) 

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of health communication. It will explore health-related communication as it applies to the dissemination, interpretation, and impact of messages related to health and wellness. Students will learn about communication between health-providers and patients/clients, health education initiatives and campaigns, as well as communication dynamics in health organizations. Students will gain both knowledge and experience in the use of communication to promote individual and public health.  


The sections below must be signed up for in the Computer Science Department: 

We are offering a whole slate of blended (Honors/non-Honors) classes in Computer Science. You may need to visit the Computer Science Department office to Be enrolled.  


CSC 120 019H Intro Creative Graphical Code - MWF 1:00-1:50 

CSC 122 029H Client-Side Web Development - MWF 9:00-9:50              

CSC 354 019H Software Engineering I - MWF 15:00-15:50

CSC 135 049H Computer Science I (GE. Cat. C) - TH 12:00-1:15    

CSC 150 019H Ethical Legal Prof Impact Dig - TH - 1:00-1:50 

CSC 355 819H Software Engineering II - MW 10:00-10:50 



The section below is by INVITATION ONLY: 

FIN 375 319H (1341) Appl. Investment Management 

TBA | T | 6-8:50 | TBA| Blended Honors/Non-Honors 

**Invitation only or see department to enroll **   

A small group of students, guided by a faculty member, work as a committee to manage a portfolio of stocks and bonds with the goal of matching or achieving above average, risk-adjusted returns relative to a benchmark. The students apply research, financial analysis, and