Honors New Student Orientation

To help incoming Honors students learn about the opportunities the Honors Program offers to enhance their undergraduate education, new Honors students participate in an orientation program. This New Student Orientation program starts on the Thursday before classes begin, with students living on campus being able to move in early. This orientation is in addition to the university-sponsored Connections Program. Honors New Student Orientation is for students only.

This Orientation program includes meeting returning Honors students, the Director of the Honors Program, and Honors Program staff. Students will receive tours of campus and downtown Kutztown, meet Honors Professors, participate in ice-breaker activities, and go over Honors Program requirements.

Incoming Honors students will receive email communication from our Honors New Student Orientation student facilitators regarding details of the program. Communication will come from hporient@kutztown.edu. Questions regarding Honors New Student Orientation can be sent to hporient@kutztown.edu.