Honors Club

Honors Club

Membership is open to all students at the university who have paid their student activities fee. All students in the Honors Program are automatically enrolled in the club. The club sponsors many programs throughout the year, including trips to local organizations, socials, community service opportunities, and service for the advancement of the program. 

Current Students: Join us on ENGAGE!


2023-2024 Honors Club Executive Board

President: Olivia Cox (she/her)

Vice President: Niko Kochel (he/him)

Secretary: Rebecca Franklin (she/her)

Treasurer: Peter Schaefer (he/him)

Parliamentarian: William Murry (he/him)

Community Service Committee

Current Chair: Rebecca Franklin (she/her)

The Community Service Committee provides service opportunities for club members to participate in throughout the year. They provide at least three diverse opportunities each semester that benefit the program, the local community and Kutztown University.


New Student Services Committee

Current Chairs: Kay Hacker (she/her)

New Student Services Committee is responsible for providing freshmen with socials geared toward their interests and needs. At least two socials are offered per semester. The committee also plans and facilitates Honors Freshman Orientation a few days before the start of every Fall semester. Also, Committee members, along with other volunteers, give tours to prospective students at Fall University Open House days, and the Spring Honors Accepted Student Day.


Fundraising Committee

Current Chair: Juliana Whitley (she/her)

The Fundraising Committee is chaired by the Treasurer of the Honors Club. Popular fundraisers in the past included:

  • Selling Mini Pumpkins
  • Create Your Own Paisley Scents
  • Gertrude Hawk Chocolates
  • Cake Pops


Public Relations Committee

Current Chair: Michario Madden (he/him)

The Public Relations committee is a division of the Honors Club that provides advertisement and promotional services to the Club and the program. It publishes monthly newsletters and informs members of upcoming events. The Public Relations Committee plays a vital role in developing and establishing relations with the faculty, campus organizations, and the local community.


Programming Committee

Current Chair: William Murray (he/him)

The Programming Committee provides social opportunities for Kutztown University students. It hosts at least four social opportunities per semester. Movie nights, trivia nights, and trips to a local corn maze/fall festival are a few of the past events.