Perkins Loan Exit Interview / Repayment

Effective Sept 30, 2017 - this loan program "sunset".  The final disbursements occurred in Spring 2018. 

Any students who have received these loans in the past must still complete Exit Interviews when they separate or graduate, and they must repay the loans.

Federal Perkins Loans were defined as "A low interest educational loan funded by the Federal Government and administered by the school. Limited to students with high financial need who meet the institution's filing deadline."

PERKINS Exit Interviews

For students who have previously received Perkins loan funds and graduated, or ceased enrollment in at least half time at KU an Exit Interview must be completed. This item can be completed online.

Heartland / ECSI

Kutztown University uses a company called Heartland/ECSI (formerly Campus Partners) as their Perkins loan agent.  Heartland/ECSI handles all of the federal requirements (Exit Interviews) and monthly payments.  The conversion to ECSI occurred early May 2019.  All borrowers received communications from ECSI with a Heartland key to access their website in order to setup a profile and make monthly payments.  We encourage setting up automatic payments to avoid delinquency and late fees.

Some students are making monthly payments to one of our collection agencies, not ECSI.  Continue those payments with them.  Williams & Fudge & General Revenue Corporation are our two current agencies for delinquent Perkins Loan repayments.

Setup your profile with ECSI here.

Heartland / ECSI - 1.888.549.3274

Current Repayment Status

Those who were in current repayment with Campus Partners now will be paying ECSI.  The billing dates and due dates have changed.  Be sure to set up your online profile with ECSI and set up your payment methods as you had before.

Delinquent Repayment Status

If you were late on repayments with Campus Partners (now ECSI), your account would have been placed with an outside collection agency.  We currently employ Williams & Fudge and General Revenue Corporation for this purposes.  Once your account is there, you can set up automatic payments with them, they may also help you consolidate this loan with any others you may have. 

Repayment Default

Sometimes we see accounts go into default.  A Perkins Default hold would be placed on your records at KU to prohibit transcript or diploma receipt.

We are happy to discuss how to rehabilitate your loan, bring it to good standing, pay it off or consolidate it.  Let us provide some options to help you clear this up.  Email us for assistance!]

Perkins Loan Assigned Status

This means that after several attempts at collections by us, our agent and our agencies, we were unsuccessful in setting up a monthly payment arrangement or receiving payment on the loan in full.  This loan has been turned over to the Department of Education for collection now.  The only way to remove this block on your records is to provide proof to us that you paid the Department of Education in full for the loan.  Need help locating where to get this?  Contact us!