Student Accounts FAQ

  • How can I pay my bill?

    You can pay:

    • In-Person: cash, check, money order or cashiers check.
    • By mail: check, money order, or cashier's check.

    Online Options:

    • E-check: online check processing
      • There is no processing fee for this method of payment and it must be done through MyKU only - if returned for any reason - you will be assessed a Returned Deposited Item fee (enter #'s carefully).
    • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover.
      • Credit card payments must be made online via MyKU - not in person or over the phone.
        • NOTE: ALL credit card charges for tuition, housing, and mandatory fees are assessed a 2.85% processing fee or a minimum $3.00 whichever is grearter. 
        • This fee is NOT retained by Kutztown University and is non-refundable.

    • If your account is at the Attorney General's Office for collections OR at one of our partnered collection agencies, your payments should be made directly to them.  If you choose to pay KU directly - you must tell us so that we can notify the agency.  Hold release times depend on your method of payment and may take up to 30-45 days for the payment to be cleared and hold removed.  Please contact us if you have an urgent need for the hold to be removed before you make payment.
  • Do you offer e-check or ACH debits?

    Kutztown University accepts E-check payments in MyKU only. This is a debit from your checking or savings account.Thisis the most popular and safe payment method we offer online.

    There is no fee to process an Echeck payment however if the payment is returned for any reason, there will be a returned deposited item fee assessed.

    If you wish to pay by E-check from your own checking or savings account, you will need your banking information, including bank account number, and ABA Routing number.

    You will need to know if it is a checking or savings account.

    For non-traditional bank accounts, such as money markets, credit lines, and others, we encourage you to check with your banking institution to see how these should be processed. Choosing Savings or Checking incorrectly can cause the payment to be refused and a returned deposited item fee to be applied to the account.

    This payment option works for US bank accounts only.  To use a foreign bank and foreign currency please go to Flywire and initiate payment there.

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes!  We are proud to offer a variety of payment plan - the better plans are farther out from the due date - so reivew online when you are planning on how to pay for college!

    More information can be found here.

    Plans are semester based and have a non-refundable enrollment fee of $35.

  • I am expecting aid (loans, grants or scholarships) and I don't see it online as a courtesy credit towards my bill - what's wrong?

    Federal Aid / State Grant / Loans /  KU Scholrships - please contact Financial Aid Serices to discuss what their records show and what requirements may be missing, at 610-683-4077 or

    Non-KU Scholarships - please forward these checks OR award letters to the Office of Student Accuonts for processing - we mauy be able to add a courtesy credit to your account while we await the check if the award is 1,000 or more. See more details and options online here.

  • What can affect my financial aid?

    ANY changes to your schedule MAY impact the aid you have been awarded or even received. If changes are made after the aid has posted or disbursed, we may be obligated to return a portion or all of your aid based on your change.  This would include the need for the student to return any refunds previously released as well.

    Attendance verification may also cuase aid to be reduced if you are not attending classes.

    For this reason, we highly encourage any student making changes or withdrawals to check with the Financial Aid office to discuss their aid situation first.

    Here are some important telephone numbers that may help answer any other questions.

    • Office of Student Accounts: (610) 683-4133
    • Registrar's Office : (610) 683-4485
    • Financial Aid Office : (610) 683-4077
    • KU Dining Services Office : (610) 683-1314
    • Housing and Residential Services: (610) 683-4027
    • Health Center : (610) 683-4082 
  • When will I get my tuition invoice?

    Statements are produced mid-July for Fall semester and traditionally around Thanksigvig for spring semester.  These dates are subject to change based on when the BOG sets tuition rates, technology and our new student information system.  Spring may be billed early January due January 21st.  Please review this page for more curent information and details about Billing.