Summer Sessions Payments

Summer Session enrollment at KU is different than Fall and Spring semesters. Payment is due just after you register.

Summer tuition and fees - click here. Mode of instruction impacts course fees.

Payment is defined as payment in full to KU directly, payment plan set up in good standing, Summer Aid Application submitted (and payment made when determination made), 529 proof submitted of a request for sufficient funding, or waiver posted (with payment of non-covered items posted).

Enrollments will be dropped/canceled shortly after each due date. Lastly, we ask that you kindly remove enrollments if you decide to not attend to open the seat for another student who may need it.

**ALERT** - Payment Due Dates are based on your date of registration.

SUMMER 2021 - After registering:
  1. Pay your bill in full online in MyKU, in the Office of Student Accounts, or by mail (must arrive and post by due date).
  2. Payment Plan - We still want to offer you the option of breaking payments up for summer.
    • Go to MyKU > KU Financial Account Tile > Payment Dashboard.
  3. Financial Aid - Complete a Summer Aid Application if interested - turn it into the Financial Aid Office with a sense of urgency!  Summer Aid Applications are online mid-March.
    • Summer aid eligibility is determined by many factors, for example: was all aid used in Fall and Spring terms, the number of credits enrolled, financial aid progress and more! Sometimes taking an additional loan in Spring is a better option!
    • Aid is disbursed only when the credit that meets the eligibility starts (disbursement could occur in Summer 2 in some cases).
    • Summer Aid Applications are available after Spring Break online on the Financial Aid Services website.  Simply completing the aid application doesn't extend a due date, so be proactive and file if interested.

 You can contact the Office of Student Accounts multiple ways (checks made payable to Kutztown University):

Kutztown University
Office of Student Accounts
PO Box 730
Kutztown, PA 19530

  • When are Summer charges due?

    This chart shows when your payment is due. Classes will be dropped shortly after the due date, do not delay. To ensure your classes are safe, be sure your payment posts on MyKU before or ON the due date, that your payment plan is set up in good standing on or before the due date, or that any pending aid is actually showing as pending aid in MyKU (if aid is not showing as pending we are not considering it as payment - speak to Financial Aid). If classes are dropped, you will be required to prepay in order to register again for classes based on availability at that time.

    Summer 2021 Charges

    Session 1 & 10W

    Session 2

    Registration Dates Due Date Registration Dates Due Date
    3/15 - 4/25/2021 5/1/2021 3/15 - 4/25/2021 5/1/2021
    4/26 - 5/7/2021 5/10/2021 4/26 - 5/29/2021 6/7/2021
    5/8 - 5/23/2021 5/24/2021 5/30 - 6/11/2021 6/17/2021
    5/24 - on next day 6/12 - 6/24/2021 6/27/2021
    6/25 - 7/5/2021 7/8/2021
    7/6 - on next day


    Due dates are dependent on the date the registration occurs and the session the course is in.  Actual due dates can be seen in MyKU > KU Financial Account Tile > Charges Due.

  • How will I know my summer aid package?

    If a student used all of their 2020/2021 aid during the Fall and Spring semesters, a determination can be made quickly. IF a student may have some aid left, please note that Summer aid cannot be confirmed until a student's Spring 2021 grades are posted. These grades are necessary to determine Financial Aid eligibility, as the student must still be making financial aid progress (completed vs. attempted credits, progress, and GPA) in order to receive aid in the summer. If you have concerns about your eligibility, you can discuss them with the Financial Aid office. Call 610-683-4077 to contact Financial Aid. 

    If you are NOT eligible for Financial Aid, you will need to pay us directly in full, sign up for a payment plan based on your session of attendance, or investigate Alternative Loans.  Alternative Loan processing time can be quite lengthy, we highly encourage you to apply immediately (this process can take up to 2-4 weeks).  Some alternative loans have minimum GPA requirements, please be mindful of this.

    Summer Aid Application is online

  • When will my summer aid be disbursed to my account and/or refunded?

    Summer aid is processed a bit differently than aid during the academic year. If your Final Determination shows you are getting Stafford loans when we actually get those loans is determined by when you reach the 6th credit that makes you eligible for them (remember, to receive Stafford loans you have to take a minimum of 6 credits). For example, if you are taking 3 credits in Summer session 1 and 3 credits in Summer session 2, the 6th credit that makes you eligible for Stafford loans in session 2, and that are when your loans would disburse - not before. Plan accordingly for book expenses. No refunds from an overpayment on your account can be issued until your account is actually in overpayment status and the aid has disbursed.

    Alternative Loans will disburse no sooner than 3 days after the Drop/Add period concludes for the term the loan is covering (discuss in detail with Fin Aid if you are taking courses in Summer 1 and Summer 2 as to when the loan will disburse). Please plan for book and course expenses.

  • I have more questions regarding Summer Aid - where can I look?

    The Summer Financial Aid webpage is helpful, or you can call 610-683-4077, or e-mail, for additional guidance and direction.  The online summer aid application is on that page as well.

  • I am not a KU student, but taking a summer class and want to use financial aid, what do I do?

    Welcome to KU!  We are glad you are spending some of your summer with us! 

    PASSHE students - If you are using aid at your HOME school, please obtain proof from your Financial Aid office showing your summer aid potential. There may be documents you need to complete with them about your attendance at KU. Do this as early as possible so that there is time to process aid needs whether you are using federal aid or alternative loans. You may also want to use the payment plan option to tide you until the aid can process and refund to you from your HOME school. Contact us for more info.

    Non-PASSHE students - At your HOME school, you will need to work with them regarding any eligibility you may have.  You can apply for an alternative loan during the summer as well through your HOME school.  Since we cannot confirm or verify your aid at your HOME school, we would encourage you to use the payment plan opportunity to allow you more time to have your aid processed at your HOME school, refund you and then pay the plan off when you get your funding.  We are willing to discuss options with you, contact us!