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Communication Studies

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The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies at Kutztown University will be available in both 100% online and on-campus formats beginning Fall 2020. The major consists of 4 required courses: COM 140 – Introduction to Communication Studies; COM 240 – Survey of Communication Theory; COM 340 – Communication Research & Writing; and COM 380 – Senior Capstone. In addition to general education requirements, there are 30 credits of Communication Studies electives, and 36 credits of Free Electives in the program. The flexible and efficient degree allows students to complete the curriculum at an accelerated rate. Please contact the Department of Communication Studies for more information.

Major in Communication Studies

Communication skills consistently rank among the key qualities employers want. Creative problem-solving, persuasive writing, public speaking, audience analysis, and interpersonal competency are essential skills in our globally connected world.  KU’s comprehensive Communication Studies degree positions you to compete for top jobs in corporate marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, media production, government, health care management, and other related areas.

You can choose from degree concentrations in five high-demand areas:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Media Studies
  • Rhetoric & Civic Engagement
  • Strategic Communication
  • Performance & Culture

Refine your concentration to include public speaking, entertainment, public relations, rhetorical criticism, activism, persuasion, relationships, small group communication, teamwork, leadership development, entrepreneurship, event planning, analytics, branding, and media studies.

Each concentration offers ample opportunity for hands-on-learning through internships and service-learning to ensure you have the credentials and experience to thrive.

Download the Grid Sheet for COM Majors

Minor in Communication Studies

Whether you choose Communication Studies as a major or minor, you will learn to integrate the theoretical understanding of communication with the practical application of communication skills. Communication Studies includes the study of many kinds of communication including advocacy and discourse, interpersonal communication, media studies, performance studies and strategic communication. You can customize your degree to fit your personal interests and career goals.

Download the Grid Sheet for COM Minors

Avery Meiners, a Communication Studies (COM) major with a minor in Social Media & Strategy (SMS) answers questions about her interest in communication studies and the benefits of a COM degree for internships and jobs.

Quotation Mark

May 2018 Communication Studies grad with a minor in Digital Communication and New Media, Leadership, Public Relations and Professional Writing. I currently work at Delaware Valley University as an Admission Counselor working with and recruiting students from New Jersey, New York and New England - I have been there since January 2019. I was quickly employed once I started applying thanks to KU and working as a tour guide and student worker for the comm office as well as the social media intern for the department!

Kaley Dawn (2018 graduate)

You want to earn a BA in Communication Studies? You want to add it as a minor to your program? Our major or minor in Communication Studies is flexible and fit your educational career.

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Learning Outcomes

1. Develop formal and informal oral presentations within varied contexts
2. Compose written communication appropriate for specific contexts.
3. Apply communication concepts to the praxis of communication.
4. Create research projects guided by communication theory.
5. Analyze communication norms through diverse points of view.

Sample Career Options
  • Business
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Media companies
  • Hospitals/health care agencies
  • Public relations/advertising firms
  • Politics/government
  • Training/education
  • Performing arts
  • Entertainment
  • Human resources
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