Explore Career Directions, Build Transferable Skills and Enhance Marketability

Skills that student researchers and creators develop correspond directly to the "soft skills" that employers look for in their new hires.


Soft Skill
How UG Researchers build That Skill

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

-Exercise sound reasoning to analyze problems, make decisions, obtain, interpret, and use knowledge and facts, demonstrate creativity and inventiveness in developing original research projects. 

Oral/Written Communication

-Present at conferences and articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in written and oral forms. 

-Express ideas clearly to others.

-Sharpen public speaking skills. 


-Work with fellow students of diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, lifestyles, and viewpoints.

-Work within a team structure and manage conflict.

Digital Technology

-Leverage existing digital technologies to solve problems, perform research, and share research with a broader forum.


-Leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals. 

-Develop interpersonal skills. 

-Take the lead in managing and executing a research project. 

Professionalism/Work Ethic

-Demonstrate effective work habits and manage time and workload. 

-Understand the impact of non-verbal communication.

-Act responsibly in the larger community (e.g. presentation venues). 

Career Management

-Identify skills, strengths, knowledge, and experience.

-Pursue opportunities relevant to future employment.

-Advocate for themselves. 

Global/Intercultural Fluency

-Learn from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. 

-Interact professionally in other cultures by presenting at international venues.