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  • How to order new Health Insurance ID Cards?

    Highmark Blue Shield members:

    Replacement ID Cards can be ordered directly from Highmark Blue Shield.  Select the "Member" tab; log-in to your account; select "Order ID card".

    You can then select which of your covered members you need replacement cards for.  The cards take about 10 business days to get to you via mail.

    Cards can also be requested by phone - call Highmark Customer Service at 1-866-727-4935

    HMO plan members - 
    PASSHE website under employee unit, then "Medical" tab for a list of HMO's and their websites.  Log-in as a member to request ID cards OR call Customer Service of HMO plan.

    PEBTF website - select HMO plan and log-in as a member to order ID cards OR call Customer Service of HMO plan.

    Supplemental Benefits

    PASSHE Dental Benefits through United Concordia - printable ID card can be printed on-line by logging in as a member.

    PEBTF Dental Benefits through United Concordia

    Vision Benefits through National Vision Administrators - printable ID card available on-line via Subscriber log-in.  Cards can also be ordered on-line.

    Faculty - Contact local APSCUF Office for direction

    PEBTF Prescription through CVS Caremark

  • How to print a Temporary Medical ID Card from Highmark Blue Shield website?

  • When is Open Enrollment?

    There are various dates for Open Enrollments, here is a list:

    PEBTF health benefits (AFSCME and SCUPA employees) Open Enrollment is usually late October for a January 1 effective date

    PASSHE health benefits (APSCUF, Management, Coaches, OPEIU & SPFPA employees) Open Enrollment is usually late April to early May with a July 1 effective date

    Flexible Spending Accounts Open Enrollment is usually early November with a January 1 effective date

  • Where can I find answers regarding my medical coverage?

    Please check the PASSHE website under the appropriate group for links to information on your medical coverage.

  • Where can I find current benefits forms?

    You can get current forms for benefits through the PASSHE website by selecting the appropriate units and "Forms" or applicable benefit tab.





  • What do I do if get hurt at work?

    All work-related accidents must be immediately reported to your supervisor who will coordinate with H.R.  If you will be seeking medical treatment (other than emergency care), you should use a panel physician to guarantee coverage under Workers' Compensation.

    Workers Compensation Panel Listing   


  • How do I acknowledge my performance evaluation form as employee?

    The goal is to EMPTY the Dashboard to your PE account. All pending actions will accumulate on the dashboard. If the dashboard is empty, no task has been assigned to the user and no action is needed. Human Resources generates the performance evaluation forms in the system.  Employees review the feedback provided by the supervisor/manager and sign/refuse the form.  


  • How do I activate my NeoGov PERFORM account?

    Human Resources must initiate an email from the system to the user to activate a new account.  The email from NeoGov included a link to activate your account which is active for 24 hours.  A new email with a new link is required beyond 24 hours.  Please contact Human Resources at extension 31353 or use the automated help service AskHR.

  • How do I approve a performance evaluation form as reviewer?

    The goal is to EMPTY the Dashboard to your PE account. All pending actions will accumulate on your dashboard.  If the dashboard is empty, no task has been assigned to the user and no action is needed.  The reviewer is the supervisor/manager's manager and also serves as the mediator in the performance evaluation process. The role of the mediator in the performance evaluation process is to facilitate communication between the individuals involved with a view to helping them reach a voluntary resolution to their discrepancies. This is the final approval level on the workflow.


  • How do I log into my NeoGov PERFORM account after activation?

    My account has been activated, but I cannot log in.  There are two ways to log in after activation.

    I prefer to use the KU portal with my KU Network ID and KU Network password.
    1. Log in at 
    2. Use your KU Network ID (enter only the name part without -
    3. Enter your KU Network password
    4. Select "Perform" under "Application"
    5. Click on "Login"

    I prefer to use the NeoGov PERFORM login site with my full email address and a self-managed password.
    1. Login at
    2. Use your NeoGov Perform Account (enter your full KU email address)
    3. Enter your self-managed NeoGov Perform password (If you forget your password, go to "Forgot your password?")
    4. Click on "Sign In"

  • How do I rate and approve a performance evaluation form as supervisor/manger?

    The goal is to EMPTY the Dashboard to your PE account. All pending actions will accumulate on the dashboard.  If the dashboard is empty, no task has been assigned to the user and no action is needed.  Human Resources generates performance evaluation forms in the system.  There are two steps to complete a performance evaluation for the supervisor/manager.  The first step is to RATE and the second step is to APPROVE or sign the performance evaluation.  The supervisor/manger must complete both steps for each form to release to the employee.


  • Which work group is conducting performance evaluations through NeoGov PERFORM (PE)?

    The following work groups are completing paperless performance evaluations through NeoGov PERFORM.

    • AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees)
    • NONREPRESENTED (Professional & Management positions)
    • OPEIU (Office of Professional Employees International Union Healthcare Pennsylvania)
    • SCUPA (The State College & University Professional Association)
    • POA (PASSHE Officers Association)
    • SPFPA (Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America)


  • Can I be billed if I do not meet the threshold?

    In an effort to reduce administrative costs, we have set a threshold that must be met before billing. However, we realize some may prefer to be billed on an ongoing basis, even if the threshold is not yet met. Please contact Amber Heintzelman at 717-720-4194 or to set up a billing schedule.

  • Can I pay online or with a credit card?

    We currently only accept payment by check or money order. We are, however, looking into this for the future.

  • How do I know what my premiums are?

    Our billing only includes PASSHE Medical and Voluntary Insurances (ADD, VGLlP, LTD). PASSHE Medical is applicable to APSCUF, Coaches, SPFPA, or OPEIU unions and non-represented employees. All premium amounts are listed on your pay statement. An electronic copy of your most recent pay statement can be found on ESS ( If you are still unsure of the amount of your premiums you may contact your university benefit coordinator.

  • How much time will I have to pay my bill?

    You have 30 days to pay for your missed premiums. Please note premiums will occur every two weeks as biweekly checks are missed.

  • I sent a check; why did some of my premium amounts not change?

    Because of the way our system operates, when you send payment to the central office, the amount will be applied to the first outstanding balance that is due. (In order of: Medical, AD&D, VGLlP, LTD). For example, if you owe $4 in VGLP, $6 in LTD and send a check for $5, the amount will be applied to your $4 VGLlP premium first.

  • If I have a question regarding my PEBTF premiums, who can I contact?

    The PEBTF can be contacted at 1-800-522-7279, Option 3 and then Option 2, for employees on leave without pay OR and navigate to "make a payment" in the upper right corner of the site.

  • If I have any other questions, who can I contact?

    Please email or contact Debbie Longenhagen at 610-683-4192.

  • What if I separate during my leave of absence?

    If you separate before returning from your leave of absence, any outstanding premiums will be automatically deducted from any final wages you may receive. If you receive no wages, a bill will be sent to you and you will owe the premiums missed while on your active leave of absence. If you do not pay these premiums, coverage will be canceled retroactive and you will be responsible for any claims incurred during that time period. You will also not be offered the option to convert any of your group policies.

  • What should I do if I apply for Long Term Disability (LTD)?

    If you are applying for long term disability and have been on a leave of absence, please notify us immediately. Premiums must be paid up to date for approval of your disability. Failure to pay these premiums may result in your LTD benefit being denied. If you are approved for LTD benefits, please notify your benefit coordinator so we can stop your premium deductions.

  • When can I expect to see a bill from the PEBTF for Medical coverage?

    The PEBTF bills at the beginning of each month. You can expect to see a bill shortly after the beginning of each month after your leave without pay begins.

  • When will I receive a bill?

    You will receive a bill when your premiums accumulate to a total of $250; or if your premiums total $125 for one pay. This is to help eliminate administrative costs associated with billing smaller premium amounts. Billing is sent from the central PASSHE office the same week your pay check would have been received.

  • When will my missed premiums be deducted?

    If you do not receive a bill, any missed premiums will be deducted from your first payment upon return from your leave of absence without pay. If you do not return, missed premiums will be taken from any wages you receive and/or you will be sent an invoice.

  • Why am I receiving this notification?

    You have been placed on leave without pay, which may be due to military, sick, parental, cyclical, or work-related leave or an approved absence. Since you are not receiving pay, the premiums that would normally be deducted from your paycheck must be paid.

  • Why is my PEBTF Medical coverage not showing on my bill?

    If you are an AFSCME, SCUPA, PSSU. or PDA union employee, your medical benefits are with the PEBTF. While on a leave without pay, the PEBTF will bill you for your medical premiums.



  • How do I change my direct deposit account?

    1. Download and complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form 
    2. Deliver completed form to Human Resources in the Kemp Building in person with an official ID for verification (Note that HR do not accept emails or other electronic submissions for security purposes)
  • How to update campus information for the electronic phonebook in ESS?

    The following steps will guide you to update your campus address in Employee Self-Service (ESS).  It is recommended that you keep your campus information current.  You can update your own information at any time.  See "Notes" at the bottom for special fields requirement.

    Step 1: Log in to ESS with your network ID at

    Step 2: Click on "Employee Self-Service" (1st line of the tool bar)

    Step 3: Click on "Personal Information" (2nd line of the tool bar)

    Step 4: Click on “Address and Contact Information” (2nd link under “Available Applications”)

    Step 5: View the campus address in this box on the screen. To update campus information, click on "Change Campus Address" and the following screen will popup.

    Notes: “Department” is not an editable field.  Please contact Human Resources if you notice a discrepancy.  The building field has a dropdown list you can select and the phone number should be entered in the full 10 digit number format with two dashes (i.e., 610-683-1353 for Human Resources).  If you have multiple work locations, please enter the most frequently used phone number in the work phone field.  This will be the only number printed on the paper book.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • What do I do to change my home address after I moved?

    1. Download and complete the Address Change form
    2. Deliver completed form to Human Resources in the Kemp Building (Note that HR do not accept emails or other electronic submissions for security purposes)