Applying for Federal Tuition Assistance (TA)

Federal Tuition Assistance is a benefit paid to eligible military members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard. Each service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service, application process' and restrictions. Funding is typically paid directly to the institution.


Find your military branch below to determine your eligibility for TA. Some branches only provide TA to their service members who are on active duty, while other branches such as the Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard, provide TA to their Reserve and National Guard members also.

If TA Eligible,

  • Complete the online KU TA Notification Form.
  • Select TA on your electronic KU Veterans Services Enrollment Certification Form and submit it for the semester you plan to use TA.
  • Create your TA Account.
  • Select your Education Path.
  • Wait for approval and further instructions to complete your Tuition Assistance Request (TAR). 

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Army IGNITED 2.0 is here!

A new portal, new process, new deadline. Read below.


2024 TAR Submission DeadlinES




The TA window opens 60 days before the class start date of the enrolled semester.

**TA Accounts and Education Goals can be created outside of the 60-day window and is highly encouraged.**

TA pays for up to 16 credits a fiscal year (1 Oct XX - 30 Sep XX). You must decide how many credits you want to use TA for each semester.

  • Fall Semester - ends in the current fiscal year

  • Spring Semester - starts in the new fiscal year


Complete Steps 1 thru 6 by the deadline to be considered for TA.  Failure to complete all 6 steps by the deadline may result in your TA Request (TAR) not being approved.

Steps to Create an Army IgnitED 2.0 TA Account:

Step 1.  Register/Enroll into your classes.

Step 2Add TA to your Enrollment Certification Request Form

Step 3.  Request Your KU Degree Plan

  • Students who previously received a degree plan from Ms. Peffley can skip this step.
  • All other students must send an email to and request a copy of your degree plan, if you can't download one from your MyKU portal.

Step 4. Create your AI 2.0 TA Account and Education Goal

***See above tile for instructions on 'HOW TO CREATE AN AI 2.0 TA ACCOUNT' ***

  • You must use your CAC to access the site and to create your account.
  •  Log into your ArmyIgnitED 2.0 account, 
    • Create your Education Goal
    • Upload your Degree Plan
    • Complete your Virtual Training
  • Wait for your Education Goal Approval before going to the next step. (can take up to 48 hours)

Steps to Submit a TAR:

After your Army IgnitED 2.0 account and Education Goal have been approved by your branch's Army Education Counselor, you can create a Tuition Assistance Request (TAR).

Note: Your MyKU Class Schedule will have the information you need to successfully complete a TAR.

Step 5.  Create your TAR

***See above tile for instructions 'STEPS TO CREATE A TAR' ***

  • Upload your courses manually, submitting one course at a time.
    • Choose $322/credit (or current per credit-option)
    • Choose Off Installation or Online (whichever applies to the course)
  • Submit your TAR for approval.
  • Wait for TA Approval of all courses before going to the next step. (can take up to 48-72 hours)

Submit your TA Authorization:

Step 6.  Submit your TA Authorization

  • After you submit your TA Request for review, check on the status of your TAR in the ArmyIgnitED account. 
    • If TA has been approved, then ‘APPROVED’ will be listed under the course.
    • If TA is still in a pending status, then ‘PENDING APPROVAL’ will be listed under the course.
  • Print your TA Authorization and email to Ms. Pursell,
    • ***See above tile for instructions 'VIEWING AN APPROVED TAR' ***
    • Go to: Tuition Assistance Requests > Funding Requests link on right then select PRINT PDF on the bottom.

      • See above tile 'TAR AUTHORIZATION (EXAMPLE)' for an example of what you must print.

If you do not complete all required steps, your TA Request cannot be approved.

Important Notes: 

  • Submitting a Tuition Assistance request does not enroll you into the course. You must register for your KU courses first.
  • The Student must apply for tuition assistance (TA) in the system from 60 to 7 days prior to the class start date. Do not wait until the week before classes, there may not be enough time to process your request. Early Fall 2024 deadline is 8/12/24.
  • TA does not pay for fees or expenses not listed as tuition.
  • The Student is responsible for the portion of the tuition cost that is not paid for by TA funding. TA pays for $250 per credit, up to a maximum of 16 credits a fiscal year.
  • If the Army did not approve TA funding (i.e. issue a TA Authorization) for one or more courses, the Student will be solely responsible to pay the tuition costs. 
  • TA is approved on a course-by-course basis and only for the specific course(s) and class dates a Student requests.
  • Failure to pass a course with a "C" or higher for undergraduate courses, a "B" or higher for graduate courses will require reimbursement of TA. Payment is deducted from the student's drill pay. The student's Army IgnitED account will be on HOLD until the Student makes debt repayment arrangements with Army IgnitED.
  • Mandatory university degree plans are required after the TA approval of the 2nd course or 6 semester hours.

Impact of Adding/Dropping A TA-Approved Class:

***Seek guidance before making any class changes.***

Inform the KU TA Coordinator, Ms. Wendy Pursell, ASAP if you intend to drop/add a TA-approved class BEFORE you make the change.  If classes are dropped/added after the first start date of the classes, KU you may be billed for the class and incur a debt to TA.  

Adding a Courtesy TA Funding Credit to the Tuition Bill:

You must submit proof (TA Authorization) of your approved TAR to Wendy Pursell, Director of Student Accounts, to receive a courtesy credit of TA funding to your tuition bill. See Step 6.

  • Courtesy credit will not be added without a TAR Authorization. Submit your TAR early!
  • Army IgnitED does not make exceptions for late TA requests.
  • How do I know if I am eligible for Federal Tuition Assistance?

    Currently, students serving in the Army (Active, National Guard, and Reserve) and Air Force (Active and Reserve) are eligible for TA.  Students serving in the other services should contact their branch of service to determine eligibility.

    Note: Military members who have been flagged at their unit, have a TA Hold due to debt, GPA or other, are usually not eligible for TA.

  • When can I apply for TA and what is the application deadline?

    Each branch of service has their own enrollment and deadline rules. Follow the guidelines for your military branch.  

    Deadlines: For most services, TA must be applied for and approved before the first day of classes. However, don't wait until the last minute.  Some branches are more lenient than others and are willing to approve TA up to the day before classes, while some branches require all applications be submitted no later than 7 days before classes start. Follow KU's published deadline.

  • What does TA pay for?
    • TA traditionally pays up to 16 credits a fiscal year (the government’s fiscal year runs from Oct 20XX thru Sep 20XX).
    • Students can decide how many TA credits they want to use during the FY for Fall, Spring, and Summer classes, up to the 16 credit maximum.
    • TA traditionally pays $250 per credit, up to the maximum threshold per fiscal year.  TA pays for tuition only, fees are not included.  The per credit amount and maximum threshold varies per military branch and can change each fiscal year.
    • Payment is made directly to the school (Educational Institution)
    • A courtesy credit is applied to your account after you complete all TAR steps.
  • Does TA require passing grades?

    Yes. Students must earn passing grades of C or higher (undergraduate) and for some military branches a B or higher for graduate students.

    Students who fall below these grades may incur a debt to their TA program and must repay TA for the classes.  The debt payment is usually taken directly from your drill/battle assembly/active duty LES payment.

    Note: Some, if not all, TA programs may require a minimum 2.0 GPA (GPA requirement may be higher for graduate students).

  • Can Students Use VA Chapter 1606 (Selected Reserve) and TA at the same time?

    Yes! The rules changed in May 2021.  Students in a half-time or greater enrollment status can finally use their TA and VA Chapter 1606 (Selected Reserve GI Bill) at the same time. 

  • Can Students Use VA Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) and TA at the same time?
    • Yes, however, a student must make sure that using both will benefit them. TA is restricted to pay tuition only and the tuition portion of Chapter 33 is also restricted to tuition only. 
    • Students with a VA Chapter 33 eligibility rating of less than 100% may benefit from using both benefits, while a student with a 100% eligibility rating may decide to hold off and use their VA Chapter 33 benefit at a later time.  
    • Students who are eligible for both VA Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) and TA should contact the Office of Student Accounts to determine the best course of action for their situation.  
  • Can Students use EAP and TA at the same time?

    Yes! EAP is funded through state funds and TA is funded through federal funds.  Both benefits can be used at the same time.  Currently, EAP covers PA State System of Higher Education Schools (PASSHE) flat full-time tuition rate plus the technology feeEAP does not cover all fees.  EAP funds are not restricted like some other benefits.  The EAP award amount can be applied to tuition costs, fees, books and room and board, up to the maximum EAP allowance.

  • Will KU Veterans Services offer Army TA Workshops?

    Army TA Clinics begin on Tuesday Nov 15th at 9 a.m. for students who want assistance. 

    TA Clinics will be scheduled for 30 minutes.  Most students will not need this much time unless they experience technical difficulties.

    Students must bring their CAC to their appointment and know their CAC pin. You cannot create an IgnitED 2.0 account without an active CAC.

    How to Schedule an Appointment:

    1. Contact the Office of Veterans Services via or 610-683-4228, or let us know on your KU Notification form and we will call you to schedule an appointment.

    2. Choose an available 30-min time slot between 11/15 - 12/2.

    3. Show up for your appointment with your CAC and CAC pin.

  • Does KU Veterans Services offer TA Workshops for all military branches?

    Not at this time.

    Each branch follows their own application process and some offer branch-specific workshops and training for their military members.  Read the TA Guidelines for your branch for more information.

  • How is TA applied to my KU Tuition Bill?

    The best office to answer this question is the Office of Student Accounts.  We can give you a general overview but this overview does not apply to all student accounts due to the differences in financial aid packages, student status, etc.

    • Students who complete all the required TA steps, and who submitted their enrollment certification form with TA selected, by the deadline date, should see a TA courtesy credit on their tuition bill under pending aid.  Late submissions will not see a pending credit.
    • TA is paid directly to the school so the student usually does not have to pay this amount upfront.
    • Students eligible for a refund will receive their refund after KU receives the students' TA funds from Department of the Army.
    • Due to Army Ignited 1.0 system issues, there is a long delay in TA payments, sometimes funds are not received until after the semester. If you are due a refund, please be patient as your refund may not be received in the same semester.
  • Can I add or drop a class, or withdraw from classes, after I receive my TA Authorization/Approval?

    It is very important that you seek guidance from the KU TA Coordinator, Ms. Wendy Pursell, before dropping, adding, or withdrawing from classes.

    • Classes that are dropped after the deadline date may incur a debt to the student. 
    • Classes that are added after the deadline date may not be paid for by TA.
    • Students who withdraw from KU may incur a debt to KU and the TA program.

    It is very important that you seek guidance from the KU TA Coordinator before dropping, adding, or withdrawing from classes.

  • Will I have to repay TA if I withdraw from my classes due a military activation (i.e. deployment, mobilization)?

    Students who are activated to military duty while school is in session and cannot complete their coursework can submit an Armed Forces Leave of Absence form to the Registrar's Office, to withdraw from classes.

    Students must also inform KU's TA Coordinator, Ms. Wendy Pursell, immediately that they are withdrawing due to military activation.

    Before dropping classes in the TA portal, students must obtain a TA Military Withdrawal Form from their TA Education Center/Office and have it approved by their chain of command to prevent the student from incurring a TA debt.  Obtain this form from your military branch's Education Center/Office.

    Students may have to upload the approved military withdrawal form, along with their military activation orders, into their TA portal at the same time they drop their classes in the portal.

    ARMY ETP TA USERS Only - Submit your military withdrawal form to KU's TA Coordinator and send an email formally requesting to drop your classes due to military activation.

  • Can I use TA to pay for classes during summer session?

    Students can use TA during summer sessions if they have unused TA credits remaining for that fiscal year.  They must complete all required TAR steps 10 days before the class start date.

  • I need help using the TA system to apply for TA, can you assist?

    We can definitely answer basic TA questions, please contact us at  For systems-related, branch-related, or technical TA program questions please contact your military branch's point of contact/ Education Center.

    TA Points of Contact

    Army National Guard

    Sean Stricek
    Education Services Specialist
    National Guard Bureau
    Fort Indiantown Gap
    Bldg 9-54
    Annville, PA 17003

    Army Reserve

    Lew Zellmann, ESS
    99th Readiness Division (West)
    Education Office and Military Testing Site
    99 Soldiers Lane
    Coraopolis, PA 15108-2550
    Phone: 910-598-7392/1-800-567-9518
    Fax: 412.604.8489


    Regular Army

    Contact your assigned Education Center located on the top right of your IgnitED 2.0 account.