Student Advising Video

Please note: The advising period start date and the student enrollment date have changed since this video was made.

Interested in knowing more about our academic programs, but don't have time to visit your advisor? Please watch the 2019 student advising video below. In this video, the following topics will be presented:

  • Career planning
  • Adding and dropping classes
  • Checksheet versions explained and how to switch from the old checksheets to the new checksheets (effective August 2018)
  • Important changes on the new checksheets
  • The math placement test (ALEKS) and the Information Technology Concepts and Computer Applications Assessment (ITCCA)
  • What to do when you are falling behind
  • Internships
  • Free electives, minors and double majors

The ITCCA login information changed after this video was made. For the most recent ITCCA login information, please visit ITCCA.

2019 Advising Workshop

Presented by Dr. Roger Hibbs and Dr. Su (Sue) Kong