Class Handout Information

Supplemental information from university offices for class handouts and syllabi.

Information on this page is gathered from a variety of offices throughout campus. The purpose of this page is to provide a one-stop shop for all of the important information that offices ask professors to include on class handouts and syllabi.  Please contact the indicated office with any questions about their information.

Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty – Undergraduate Students 
If a student is believed to have cheated, plagiarized or committed other acts of academic dishonesty, the faculty member is to complete the Academic Dishonesty Form found at the following link: An informal resolution process is initiated by the faculty member, who may impose sanctions up to and including failure of the course with a grade of “F.” A formal process through the Registrar’s Office exists for any egregious or multiple violations where university suspension or dismissal is a potential outcome.
In all cases, faculty members are advised to consult their department chair and dean.

Academic Honesty – Graduate Students 
Graduate students are expected to be honest and forthright in their academic endeavors. Any acts of academic dishonesty by students, such as plagiarism on written papers/projects, falsifying the results of research, or cheating on examinations, threaten to undermine the educational and ethical goals of the university for its students. An informal resolution applies to situations when the professor believes that an alleged act of academic dishonesty can be resolved within the course with the imposition of sanctions up to and including failure of the course with a grade of “F.” A formal resolution process may be initiated by administrators, faculty members, accused students, or the dean of Graduate Studies. In all cases, faculty members are urged to confer with the department chair and dean of the college about any charges of academic dishonesty.

Contact the Office of the Provost

Healthy Practices & Mask Policy

The Academic subgroup of the Emergency Management Team (EMT) suggested the following
language that faculty may wish to place in their course guides:

Kutztown University is mask-optional for all individuals, including all classrooms and private
offices. KU supports all members of its community who choose to wear a mask. Please respect and honor the comfort level and choice of all members of our campus on whether to wear a mask.

Students should take reasonable actions to reduce the possibility of transmission of communicable illnesses. Proactive actions include washing hands frequently, using wipes to
clean personal classroom seating area, covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or elbow, not sharing eating utensils, and staying home when feeling ill. It is appropriate to contact the
instructor (before class when possible) and to ask a classmate for notes when missing class due to illness. In the event of a medical emergency and/or hospitalization that prevents a student from attending class or being on campus for five (5) days or more, including a positive COVID test from an off-campus medical facility, Health and Wellness/Clinical Services should be contacted at 610-683-4082 or

Contact Health & Wellness/Clinical Services 

Bookstore/Inclusive Access

KU Campus Store Syllabus Statement

Inclusive Access (IA) is a collaboration between your professor, KU Campus Store, and the publisher of your materials. This was created to provide you with the least expensive way to purchase materials, combined with the convenience of charging the materials to your MyKU account. Course materials delivered via IA are in a digital format in D2L under the Content tab. There is no need to purchase a textbook. If you choose to opt out of IA, you can do that in D2L or by clicking the link in your emails from KU Campus Store. This should be done by the end of the add/drop period. Please be sure you do not opt out of materials that have graded assignments connected to them. For questions about IA, please contact .  For more about the benefits of inclusive access, open this link To see the entire list of your required materials, sign into your Virtual Shelf at

Last updated 11/29/23

Career Development Center

Students are encouraged to work on their career development plan early and often. To support this goal, you are encouraged to participate in the Career Development Center’s Career Certificate Program. There are two specially-designed, free, professional development certificates, one for FR/SOs and one for JRs/SRs available at KU. If your professor has incorporated certificate components into their course requirements, your progress may be checked by logging into D2L. Please view this video on how to complete the certificate: After you’ve earned one, or both, show future employers you are career-focused and have participated in professional development by adding the certificates to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Contact the Career Development Center

Disability Services

ADA Syllabus Statement:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statue that provides comprehensive civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities. In line with federal and state law, Kutztown University is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to class materials, programs, as well as campus facilities. If you are registered with the Disability Services Office (DSO) for academic accommodations, please send me a copy of your Accommodation Letter as early in the semester as possible to ensure that accommodations are in place when needed. After sending me a copy of your Accommodation Letter, please make a plan to talk with me further about your approved academic accommodations so we can discuss any questions or concerns about how your accommodations may be implemented within my class. If you are not currently registered with the DSO, but believe you are eligible to receive academic accommodations under the ADA, then you are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office (DSO) to request information regarding the Accommodation Request Process. The DSO can be reached via email at, or you can stop by their office, located in the Stratton Administration Building, Room 215. Please Note: Students in need of temporary academic accommodations due to an injury are encouraged to register with the DSO to request temporary academic accommodations.

Contact the Disability Services Office


Starfish is a communication tool for students, staff, and faculty. Professors can provide feedback about course progress. Throughout the term, you may receive progress emails regarding academic performance. The emails are designed to be helpful and increase your course success. Be sure to open any emails you receive and follow the recommendations. Utilize the "I Need Help" feature to connect with campus resources. To access Starfish, login online or on the MyKU app. If you need assistance, email .

Student Success

The Center for Student Success & Academic Excellence helps students be successful in their classes. Meet with a member of the team to receive personalized support to address your academic needs. Assistance is available to set goals, transition to college learning environment, textbook reading, time management, test and note taking, and learning style assessment. For more information, contact  or use the "I Need Help" feature in Starfish.

Title IX

Gender- Based Crimes

Educators must report incidents of gender-based crimes, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence.  If a student discloses such incidents to me during class, in a course assignment, or in a university-sponsored research project, I am not required to report the disclosure, unless the student was a minor at the time the alleged incident occurred.  Irrespective of the student’s age, if the incident is disclosed to me outside of the classroom setting or a course assignment or university-sponsored research project, I am required by law to report the disclosure including relevant details, such as the names of those involved in the incident, to Public Safety and Police Services and to Mr. Bradley Davis, Title IX Coordinator. 

Contact the Title IX Office

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services provides free peer tutoring for students. Tutoring Services, located in Rohrbach Library 26, offers peer tutors, student course assistants, academic peer mentors (APM) and drop-in labs for Business, CRJ, CSC/IT, Math, POL-PHI and STEM courses. Tutoring and APM requests can be submitted through Starfish using the "Schedule Appointment" link next to a student's course. For more information, visit the tutoring website or contact  or (610) 683-4207.

Writing Center

All KU students can visit the in-person (RL 100c) or online Writing Center for one-on-one help/ guidance with their papers for any class across campus.  Please call 610-683-4733, email , or stop in to set up an in-person appointment. To begin using the Writing Center online website and schedule an online session, please go to . Please see our website for additional helpful instructions and screenshots at Direct any questions to:  or .

Spring 2024 in-person RL 100c hours 
Sunday    2-6 
M/ W       2-8 
T/Th/F     11-5 

Spring 2024 ONLINE hours:  
Sunday     2-6  
M/ T/ Th  11-8  
W              3-8 
F               12-4   

Contact the Writing Center

Winter Weather

When winter weather affects our campus, it is important to know how the KU community can obtain information on university weather delays, cancellations and closings. 

Complete information and updated policies on weather delays, cancellations and closings.