CDC Certificate Programs

Participants receive a Certificate of Program Completion and can document the program on their resume, providing an extra opportunity to impress prospective employers and graduate schools with their motivation and drive!

How to complete the Career Certificates

Career Exploration Certificate 

(Open to all freshmen and sophomore students - 0-60 credits)

Gain a greater understanding of yourself and the career development process.   Be better prepared to choose/confirm a major, research careers, gain related experience through informational interviewing and job shadowing experiences, and plan for a successful internship and/or related summer or part-time job search. 

Freshmen/Sophomores must complete all 7 items which includes: attending workshops, taking a career assessment, scheduling a coaching appointment and having your resume reviewed. Items over 1 year old DO NOT count toward certificates. 

Career Exploration Certificate for Freshman and Sophomore Register for the Career Exploration Certificate: (Log in using you KU Single Sign On) 1.	Journey Career Assessment- Click on “Journey” & select “I need to create an account.” Select “I am a college student.” Select your grade level and graduation year. Your Activation Code is: J3825742ANJ. Complete the three assessments in large blue boxes in the center of the page. 2.	Schedule and attend an appointment with a KU career coach to review your career assessment and/or career/education goals. Schedule online at:  3.	Writing Your Resume & Cover Letter Workshop 4.	Creating Your Personal Brand Workshop 5.	Create a resume & submit it to the CDC for review by uploading int into Handshake: 6.	Soft Kills: What Employers Want Workshop and CoB Networking Event 7.	Choosing a Major Workshop or Designing Your Career Path Workshop
Career Success Certificate 

(Open to all juniors and seniors  -  60+ credits)

Gain a greater understanding of yourself, employer expectations, effective job search strategies and interview skills, and the role of social media in the hiring process.  Be better prepared to conduct an internship, professional employment or graduate school search.

Juniors/Seniors must complete all 8 items which includes: attending workshops, attending a mock interview and having your resume reviewed. Items over 1 year old DO NOT count toward certificates.

Career Success Certificate for Juniors and Seniors Register for the Career Success Certificate: (Login in using your KU Single Sign On) 1.	Register for Mock Interview Mania week or complete the Fast Track lesson on Big Interview. Click on “learn” and then complete 100% of the fast track.  2.	Choose 1 from the following: a.	Internship & Job Search Strategies Workshop b.	Salary Negotiation Workshop c.	Thinking About Grad School? Workshop d.	A Day in the Life of a Grad Student Workshop e.	CoB Networking Event (for CoB students only) f.	Career Fairs: i.	Internship & Job Fair ii.	Job Fair for Educators  iii.	Grad School Fair iv.	Veteran Job Fair (veterans only) 3.	Writing Your Resume & Cover Letter Workshop and Upload your resume into Handshake (must receive the “reviewed” status) 4.	Soft Skills: What Employers Want Workshop 5.	Using Social Media in your Job Search Workshop or LinkedIn Workshop 6.	Successful Interviewing Workshop 7.	Senior Kick Off or Designing Your Career Path Workshop
Melanie Momphotes headshot

Melanie Momphotes

"Going through the steps of accomplishing the Career Exploration Certificate has made me feel more prepared for a future job/internship!  Being able to participate and learn interesting concepts through informative workshops has been super beneficial for me as my main goal was to build up my core values and be able to apply them.  I highly recommend engaging in this program, because not only will it set you apart and shine on your resume, but it focuses on helping college students transition into the working life and gain confidence.  Bonus: it's a free program & certificate."