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Creative Writing


The Creative Writing certificate is an in-person program, albeit with both online and face-to-face course offerings.

The certificate requires three courses in creative writing: an introductory course that explores the conventions of the most common literary genres, followed by two electives, in which the students can specialize in their chosen interests. Overall, the certificate will provide students the necessary training to write professional, publishable literary art.

While open to current students, the certificate is ideal for any writer from the region, whether it be a recent high school graduate, a mid-career professional looking for a creative outlet, or a retiree who finally has the time to write that novel she has been sitting on all these years.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Creative Writing Certificate

    As a result of the certificate, students will:

    • Write original pieces of fiction, poetry, drama, and/or creative nonfiction intended for publication
    • Analyze and evaluate the formal techniques and stylistic choices of established writers’ published work
    • Evaluate, both orally and in writing, the literary merits of peer work
    • Identify and practice the elements of revising, editing, and proofreading
    • Identify current markets for publishing fiction, poetry, drama, and/or creative nonfiction
    • Write effective cover letters and demonstrate proper submission formatting


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