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Public Relations Program

Public Relations is the art of influencing relationships.

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Imagine thriving in a career where your voice can influence the relationship between a brand and the public eye. Here at Kutztown University, our Public Relations program will transform you into a thought leader for any company, brand or organization’s reputation.

With our stories and messages holding greater influence than ever before, you can go virtually anywhere with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations. This career path includes journalism, marketing, advertising, event management and so much more.

Why Choose KU for a Degree in Public Relations

Where you take your degree is important to us. The public relations courses at Kutztown University are designed to make you a better writer, listener, planner, advisor and communicator. We teach you how to create real campaigns for real clients so you can graduate with a portfolio to show future employers.

We also provide a wide range of student support. From hands-on learning, professors who care about your success and access to financial aid, we're here to support your education needs. In fact, more than 80% of KU students receive some type of financial aid. If you need help understanding your financial aid options, you can book time with a financial advisor here.

Two Kutztown University students in the public relations program standing in classroom; male student on left is holding laptop while conversing with female student on right.

Public relations students Michael Parisse (left) and Kellie Harris (right) working in our on-campus PR lab called The Agency.

Public Relations Program Highlights

Now that you're thinking about a degree in public relations, what will you do in your core classes? 

  • Create real PR campaigns for real clients
  • Work in our award-winning lab space called The Agency
  • Build a strong portfolio to show future employers
  • Learn how to build and maintain relationships with potential clients
  • Become fluent in using popular content platforms
  • Get professional support and guidance from your professors

Our public relations program teaches you how to represent any business, nonprofit organization, sports organization, government agency—and even individual celebrities.

Bonus: The job market for PR professionals is expected to grow 6% over the next 8 years, which is higher than most professions, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Public Relations (BS)
    1. Students will construct communications for diverse audiences via a wide range of platforms.
    2. Students will demonstrate proficiency in Public Relations and Journalism.
    3. Students will apply visual communication techniques to a variety of strategic communications.
    4. Students will design research instruments, enact Public Relations campaigns, and evaluate their effectiveness.
    5. Students will apply theories and models in Public Relations to real-world situations.
    6. Students will prepare a supervised senior project that results in a professional-quality Public Relations initiative for an outside organization.
Quotation Mark

I have utilized everything I learned in the PR courses, such as planning a successful communications campaign, document design and editing, and finding the best way to frame information to different target audiences.

Christina Steffy, Director of Institutional Assessment, Accreditation, and Compliance, Alvernia University

Career Outcomes

Top Internship Locations for KU Students

Minsi Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America


Reading Public Museum

Sorrelli Jewelry

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Rodale Institute

Kutztown Community Partnership

Kutztown Community Library


Top Job Placements for KU Graduates

NBC Sports



Hard Rock Hotel & Casino


Reading Public Museum

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary



Public Relations Program FAQ

  • What can you do with a Public Relations degree?

    Your career opportunities with a degree in Public Relations are truly endless. With the skills from our program, you can pursue any of the following career paths:

    • Brand Ambassador
    • Content Strategist
    • Copy Writer
    • Director of Public Affairs
    • Director of Public Relations
    • Editor
    • Executive Assistant
    • Event Coordinator
    • Lobbyist
    • Manager, Digital, and Social Media
    • Media Director
    • Public Information Officer
    • Publicist
    • Relationship Manager
    • Social Media Analyst
    • Technical Writer
  • How is Public Relations program diversified at KU?

    Forward-thinking and diversity-focused communications are two fundamental factors we incorporate into our Public Relations program. Our students take three diversity-focused courses to help broaden their perspectives and prepare them for a range of communication scenarios.

    By the time you graduate, you will be set for success by learning how to represent people and brands from all backgrounds and cultures.

  • What Public Relations courses can I take at Kutztown?

    There are many Public Relations courses at KU that will help you build a successful career in this field. You can explore a list of PR courses below:

    1. Public Relations Major
    2. Public Relations Minor

    If you have questions about attending Kutztown University, we’re happy to help. You can Request Information at any time.

  • What Public Relations activities can I get involved in on campus?

    The best way to set yourself up for success is by getting involved on campus before you graduate. This can help you decide what kind of Public Relations role you want to pursue.

    We encourage you to browse through our Clubs, Activities, and Student Resources to see how you can get PR experience as soon as you become a Golden Bear.

  • What does a PR professional do on a daily basis?

    Public Relations professionals have pretty fun roles. A typical day may involve attending events like press launches, photoshoots and conferences or fielding press inquiries regarding a specific issue.

    PR professionals also write and deliver data-backed pitches to the media and monitor data to understand the public’s opinion about their clients. Above all else, you want to nurture your relationship with the press and maintain a positive public image for your clients.