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Bachelor of Arts

English has always been your favorite subject—you enjoy expressing yourself through writing and following your creative spirit. As a KU English major, you can be that author who writes the next chapter of your life.

Many students choose to major or minor in English because of the flexibility and practicality of the degree. The ability to write and communicate well is critically important to all endeavors. The question is not what can you do with an English degree, the question is what do you want to do. Combining study in language, literature, rhetoric, media, gender studies and culture, English promises a versatile set of skills that can open pathways to a nearly unlimited choice of careers. 

KU English graduates are successful in education, research, public policy, government, communications, public relations, social media, publishing, journalism, media, creative writing, human resources, business management, entrepreneurial enterprises, law, mental health, and even medicine. English majors also revel in reading and writing as acts of joy and creativity. It's education for living. 

At KU your program begins with a personalized focus on developing keen reading and writings skills. It culminates in an internship in a field related to your own personal interests. Along the way, you’ll choose among popular courses such as Reading and Writing in the Professions, Writers and the Environment, Comic Studies, Native American Writers, Queer Literature, Literature and Film, Black American Literature, Women and Violence in Contemporary World Texts, Punk Culture, and many others. KU English majors have interned in education, libraries, public service, advocacy, social media, television, and more. Many English majors pursue graduate study in everything from law to medicine to business and even education.   

KU English majors augment their studies with co-curricular involvement in:  

  • Sigma Tau Delta & English Club: A student-run club that supports literacy study and literary appreciation. 
  • The Keystone Newspaper: Student journalists drive this student-produced publication.
  • Essence: An annual literary magazine that provides opportunities for student writers, editors, and photographers.
  • Shoofly: An annual poetry and short fiction magazine that provides opportunities for student writers and editors.
  • KU Writing Center: Provides opportunities for English students to sharpen their skills by assisting writers from other majors.

Further, English majors amplify the skills inherent in their studies by minoring in Writing, Public Relations; Social Media Theory and Strategy; Communication Studies; Cinema Television & Media; Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Education; International Relations; and more. 

English - Paralegal Studies Concentration

This interdisciplinary program draws on the skills and expertise of KU's Department of English and the Department of Communication Studies.

Sample Career Options

    • Copy Writer
    • Public Affairs Director
    • Executive Assistant
    • Lobbyist
    • Manager, Digital, and Social Media
    • Media Director
    • Public Information Officer
    • Publicist
    • Social Media Analyst
    • Technical Writer Content Writer
    • Editor/Writer
    • Reporter
    • Proofreader
    • Editorial Assistant
    • Marketing Director
    • Sales Manager
    • Web Developer
    • Author
    • Management Analyst
    • Education Administrator
    • Librarian
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Training and Development
    • Fundraiser
    • Social and Community Service
    • Public Relations Specialist
    • Archivist/ Curator
    • Event Planner

    Student Learning Outcomes

    • English (BA)
      1. Upon completion of the BA in English, students will be able to read and interpret texts from diverse genres, historical periods, cultures, and perspectives.
      2. Upon completion of the BA in English, students will be able to use appropriate forms, media, technologies, and writing practices when composing and designing texts.
      3. Upon completion of the BA in English, students will be able to effectively search for, identify, retrieve, evaluate and synthesize research materials, and will be able to credit research materials appropriately.
      4. Upon completion of the BA in English, students will be able to think critically and develop an argument using appropriate evidence, logic, and communicative strategies.
      5. Upon completion of the BA in English, students will recognize the connections among coursework, professional goals, and professional identity.

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