Employee Parking at KU

All employees at Kutztown University who drive vehicles to the University may park their vehicle in any of the hundreds of employee parking spots located across campus. To secure a free parking permit, employees must present a state-issued driver's license and valid vehicle registration to KU Business Services Office.

Vehicle Registration

To expedite the vehicle registration process, the employee may email a copy of the valid vehicle registration to parkingpermits@kutztown.edu) in advance of visiting the office located at 107 Academic Forum during regular operating hours. Once the registration has been received and processed, the employee will receive an email confirming that the permit is ready for pickup. If the employee isn't in a hurry and doesn't mind waiting in line during the department's busy periods, they should feel free to bring the registration to the office (along with their driver’s license) during regular business hours.

Employees who would like to drive a different vehicle from time to time may register a second vehicle as well. But remember, only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time. If an employee needs to drive a rental vehicle at any point, the rental agreement will serve as the temporary registration and must also be presented to the KU Business Services Office to secure a temporary parking permit.

Employees are to park in spaces marked with yellow lines. They may not park in designated visitor spaces or reserved parking spaces without the proper permit. Handicapped spaces may be used only by those holding a valid state-issued handicap parking placard or plate, which must be visible at all times, along with the appropriate Kutztown University permit.

Employees with temporary mobility or medical issues that need to park closer to campus buildings may apply for a Special Parking Permit here.  Due to the limited number of Special Parking spaces, Special Permits are issued for short periods of time not to exceed four (4) weeks. If a parking accommodation is needed for a longer period of time, the individual may submit a request for a handicap placard/plate (temporary or permanent) through the Department of Motor Vehicles in their state of residence and with the assistance of their health care provider.

Retired Employees

Employees who have officially retired from Kutztown University are permitted an Emeritus/Retiree parking permit.  This permit allows you to park in any yellow or white lined spaces on campus with the exception of handicap, 24-hour reserved, Special, Visitor, etc. spaces.  
Emeritus/Retiree parking permits can be obtained at the KU Business Services office by providing the vehicle registration that you wish to drive to campus and your driver's license.  

Parking Ticket Payments

Employees who earn parking tickets may pay for them via cash or a check may be made in person or mailed to:

Office of Student Accounts
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 730
Street Address: 15200 Kutztown Road
Office Location: 225 Stratton Administration Center
Kutztown, PA 19530

Payments that are mailed to Student Accounts must include the complete name and address of the operator, the ticket number, plus the license plate number and state of the ticketed vehicle to ensure proper application of the payment.