Appealing a Parking Ticket

From time to time, a driver/owner who receives a campus parking ticket feels the ticket was received in error. In these cases, the University may dismiss the citation if there are facts, events or circumstances that were unknown to the issuing officer that may affect the validity of the citation. The University may also feel that extenuating circumstances make dismissal of the ticket appropriate in the interest of justice.

    Common reasons that DO NOT support excusing tickets include:

    • I was only in violation for a minute;
    • I did not know that I could not park there;
    • I think the fine is too high;
    • I did not see the sign or curb markings;
    • I cannot afford to pay the fine;
    • I have never had a ticket before;
    • I will never do it again.

    The owner and driver of the vehicle are both responsible for the ticket and bear the burden of proof when contesting the citation. Notice of the decision will be emailed to the driver regardless of the outcome.

    The University Traffic Bureau serves as the appellate body to hear and adjudicates violations of campus traffic and parking regulations. For their meeting schedule, please click here.

    • I am a KU student. How do I appeal a parking ticket?

      Kutztown University students who wish to appeal one or more parking tickets may do so through their MyKU account. By logging in to their account and clicking on Vehicle Services, students may view their outstanding tickets and submit appeals.

      If the ticket is more than seven days old when it is appealed, a student must attend the next regularly scheduled meeting of the University Traffic Bureau in addition to submitting the appeal through their MyKU account.

    • I am an employee of Kutztown University or one of its affiliates. How do I appeal a parking ticket?

      Faculty and staff have the right to appeal tickets they believe they received in error by completing and submitting the form below.

      Kutztown University allows a person to appeal a parking violation believed to have been issued in error. The appeal form linked below must be completed within seven (7) calendar days of the issuance of the citation. To have an appeal considered beyond the 7-day grace period, a customer must file the appeal and attend the next meeting of the University Traffic Bureau. 

      Visitor/Faculty/Staff Parking Ticket Appeal Form

    • I visited KU's campus and received a parking ticket. How do I appeal it?

      Visitors who receive a parking ticket and feel they possess substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was issued in error, was not committed, or was issued due to circumstances beyond the operator’s control may file an appeal.

      Visitors may appeal the ticket by submitting a completed appeal form available by clicking the link below:

      Visitor/Faculty/Staff Parking Ticket Appeal Form

      If a person visited campus for the first time, was parked in a legal parking space and received a parking ticket, the visitor may appeal the ticket by completing this form and emailing it, along with a copy of the vehicle registration and ticket to:

      Transportation Services
      Kutztown University
      P.O. Box 730
      Kutztown, PA 19530

      Alternatively, you may email the aforementioned documentation to