KU Vehicle Registration Procedures

All vehicles parked on Kutztown University’s campus must display a valid parking permit obtainable through the KU Business Services Office and its vehicle registration process. This process ensures drivers assigned parking lots on campus.

Students and employees (faculty and staff) are issued a permit for each vehicle upon registration which must be immediately and carefully adhered to the interior of the windshield on the bottom corner of the passenger’s side of the registered vehicle using the adhesive on the decal. It may not be adhered to the windshield with tape, laminate, rubber bands or any other temporary method nor should it be placed on the dashboard in lieu of affixing it to the windshield. Permits on motorcycles should be placed on the fork near the vehicle’s registration stickers.

The permit must be displayed as directed at the time of issue, readily visible and readable from the exterior of the vehicle.

The cost is $50 per semester or $75 per academic year.

Students who are campus residents (classification R/F/H) may register additional vehicles to park on campus at no cost.  Those additional vehicles will only be permitted to park in lot A4.  All other classifications of students may register additional vehicles and will receive another permit of their same classification.    

Acceptance of a permit from Kutztown University acknowledges the existence of the Motor Vehicle Regulations and the permit holder's responsibility for adherence thereto. Individuals who register a vehicle and accept a parking permit attest they are the driver of the registered vehicle and are subject to these regulations and any associated fines.


  1. Expired parking permits (placards, hang tags, and decals) must be removed from the vehicle prior to parking on Kutztown University property to avoid a parking violation.

  2. Mutilated, torn, altered, or defaced permits are considered invalid and must be replaced.

  3. Lost or stolen permits must be immediately reported to the KU Business Services Office by phone at (610) 683-4825 or by email at parkingpermits@kutztown.edu. Failure to report the loss or theft of a permit will not be considered a valid reason for the appeal of a parking ticket.  

  4. Any change of information regarding the motor vehicle registration, including name, address, state of registration, license plate number, or the residency status of the registrant must be reported to the KU Business Services Office within 48 hours.

  5. Students with medical issues that need to park closer to campus buildings may apply for a Special Parking Permit here.  Due to the limited number of Special Parking spaces, Special Permits are issued for short periods of time not to exceed four (4) weeks. If a parking accommodation is needed for a longer period of time, the individual may submit a request for a handicap placard/plate (temporary or permanent) through the Department of Motor Vehicles in their state of residence and with the assistance of their health care provider.

  6. The responsibility for the enforcement of Kutztown University’s Motor Vehicle Regulations and the issuance of tickets falls to the Department of Public Safety. Any questions about parking-related matters other than the vehicle registration process or ticket appeals process should be directed to Public Safety at 610-683-4002.

  7. If a driver receives a parking ticket they believe was issued in error, they may appeal the ticket. Students must appeal through MyKU>Vehicle Services. All others may appeal through the online form located here. The owner and driver of the vehicle are both responsible for the ticket and bear the burden of proof when contesting the citation. Notice of the decision will be emailed to the driver regardless of the outcome.

  8. The Associate Director of KU Business Services bears the responsibility of considering all appeals.

  9. Appeals must be made within 7 days after ticket issuance. The appeal will be reviewed and a decision will be rendered within 3 business days. Students must appeal tickets through their MyKU accounts. Employees and visitors must submit an electronic appeal through this link. Appeal decisions are final.

  10. Submitted appeals, written or oral, must be expressed in an appropriate manner. Bullying, derision, use of obscenities, heated or protracted argument or any other show of disrespect toward the Bureau or its staff will result in automatic denial of the appeal and possible Code of Conduct charges.