Student Reimbursement

For student purchases, a direct pay requisition should be completed after a student has paid for a reimbursable expense. 

Student non-overnight travel expenses should follow Kutztown University's travel policy keeping in mind that KU will only reimburse for actual expenses and meals are not to exceed GSA per diem rates. Detailed receipts reflecting proof of payment must be attached to the direct pay requisition form. When requesting mileage a MapQuest printout should reflect miles to and from the destination. Either mileage or gas is eligible for reimbursement; not both. 

The form must be signed by the student, the cost center owner, and if grant funded the Assistant Provost for Research and Grants. 

Kutztown University is an instrumentality of the state of Pennsylvania and therefore exempt from paying PA state sales tax. Accordingly, we are not permitted to reimburse for sales tax paid by or on behalf of anyone. PA Sales Tax Exempt Form